American Inexceptionalism Lives On in the Gun Violence Epidemic

By Joy Francke

Gun violence is occurring so often in the United States that it is becoming a new norm. This tragic phenomenon has resulted in the loss of tens of thousands across the nation every year. Obtaining a gun in the United States needs to be drastically more challenging than it currently is. Continue reading “American Inexceptionalism Lives On in the Gun Violence Epidemic”

From Pagan Celebrations to Cheesy Cards, the Evolution of Valentine’s Day

By Belle Arenson, Brenna Class-Welch, Lauren Umbehocker

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day as a holiday full of love, romance, and stuffing your face with chocolate your mom gave you at ungodly hours of the night. But most aren’t aware of the true – and less beautiful – origins of this celebration of romance. Continue reading “From Pagan Celebrations to Cheesy Cards, the Evolution of Valentine’s Day”

BRIDGES Video Fails to Address Safety Concerns

By Spencer Klein

Since Dec. 4, 2017, MIHS has received two shooting threats and one bomb threat. These threats were considered problematic enough that school was cancelled the Friday before break. In response, several ideas were shared among staff about how to address the student body – a mandatory assembly, four separate assemblies or a town hall for the entire school. Ultimately the staff, guided by student input, landed on a twenty-minute video compiling encouraging and optimistic testimonies from staff and students. Continue reading “BRIDGES Video Fails to Address Safety Concerns”

Trump Defunds Sanctuary Cities, Including Seattle

By Annika Bhananker

Five days after the 2017 inauguration, President Trump signed an executive order to defund sanctuary cities across the nation. The ongoing battle between local authorities and the Trump administration is still continuing despite several federal rulings against the order, forcing sanctuary cities such as Seattle to comply with the proposed immigration laws or risk losing a significant portion of federal funding.= Continue reading “Trump Defunds Sanctuary Cities, Including Seattle”