Districts Debate the Role of SROs

In 2020, ‘school safety’ evokes images of masks and diligent sanitizing. But when students finally return to brick-and-mortar schooling, another recent issue, the movement to reform policing in America, will be on the mind of many students as they ask whether schools should be policed.



Changing Demographics Suggest a Likely Victory for Biden

By Ben Price The 2020 election year has seen a large shift in voter demographics, and younger generations may...

The Power of Vulnerability During Quarantine

By Sabrina Hubbell The COVID-19 outbreak has become something that nobody ever imagined nor were prepared for. The impacts...


What are MIHS Electives Doing in Response to COVID-19?

By Hannah Howison All the electives at MIHS have had to make drastic changes to schedules, workloads, and assignments...

Australian Band Students Visit MIHS

Thirty students from all-boys school St. Patrick’s College of Strathfield in Australia visited MIHS on Jan. 16 as a part of their...

“The Testaments”: A Long-Anticipated Sequel to “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Of all the dystopian novels I have read, "The Handmaid’s Tale" scared me most. Though...


The New Reality of Senior Traditions

As the reality of COVID-19 sets in, seniors are questioning how the end of the year and all of the traditions they...

Love in the Time of COVID: Makeout Cars, Rated

The Islander has made it a tradition as part of our April Fools’ edition to select our favorite makeout spots. This year,...

Principal Puckett Pucks It, Plans to Become a Semi-Professional Hockey Player After Resignation

In late March, beloved Principal Vicki Puckett announced that she would be joining the exciting world of semi-professional hockey following her resignation.