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Full transcript: Defense Secretary James Mattis’ interview with The Islander

After obtaining his contact information through its accidental exposure by the Washington Post, The MIHS Islander contacted Secretary of Defense James Mattis for an interview. Two companion pieces to this article, a description and reflection on the experience of getting and conducting the interview as well as a feature on the connection between education and radicalization according to Mattis, have been published online. Continue reading “Full transcript: Defense Secretary James Mattis’ interview with The Islander”

Education the key to reducing the lure of terror, says Mattis

In an exclusive interview for The MIHS Islander conducted on Memorial Day, James Mattis, current secretary of defense in the Trump administration, and retired four-star Marine Corps general, shared his perspective on the numerous ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and how to effectively end them. Continue reading “Education the key to reducing the lure of terror, says Mattis”

The flaws of ASB elections

Brightly colored cardstock posters cover the walls of the Mercer Island High School. Students chatter with one another, plucking lollipops off posters proclaiming, “don’t be a dum-dum, vote for Lily Gile!” Outside and after school, students running for leadership positions record humorous videos, packing in as many jokes as possible. Associate Student Body (ASB) elections have begun. Continue reading “The flaws of ASB elections”

Fact-checked: A correction to the April issue

Following President Trump’s executive order changing the national language to Russian, The Islander highlighted some helpful phrases for the new administration in its most recent issue. However, because of some trouble with our translators, the correct English translations did not make it in the paper. They have been reprinted below. We apologize for the mistake. Continue reading “Fact-checked: A correction to the April issue”