The Ten Hallway Commandments

By Roni Talby

For millennia, males, females, and non-binary people have suffered from the chaos and destruction of an uncontrolled hallway. But no more. Last night I was greeted with a vision. A vision of a harmonious hallway, free from the sin that plagues our great halls. Fortunately, I was also shown by great prophets in my vision how to achieve a state of hallway bliss. I, Roni Talby, am here to spread the vision of peace and civility in our great hallways, cited in ten conveniently travel-sized commandments.

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#AllEyesonJuliana: Students Fight For Environmental Change

By Annika Bhananker and Annie Poole Today, in Portland, Ore. oral arguments were presented to three federal judges concerning Juliana v. United States, a case at the forefront of youth climate change activism. The case, originally filed in 2015, calls on the government to recognize and act on its contributing role in climate change, one which the plaintiffs say violate the young generation’s constitutional rights. … Continue reading #AllEyesonJuliana: Students Fight For Environmental Change