It’s Time to Break MI’s Cycle of Bigotry

This September, a series of offensive posts were published to a public MIHS Schoology page.



Changing Demographics Suggest a Likely Victory for Biden

By Ben Price The 2020 election year has seen a large shift in voter demographics, and younger generations may...

The Power of Vulnerability During Quarantine

By Sabrina Hubbell The COVID-19 outbreak has become something that nobody ever imagined nor were prepared for. The impacts...


What are MIHS Electives Doing in Response to COVID-19?

By Hannah Howison All the electives at MIHS have had to make drastic changes to schedules, workloads, and assignments...

Australian Band Students Visit MIHS

Thirty students from all-boys school St. Patrick’s College of Strathfield in Australia visited MIHS on Jan. 16 as a part of their...

“The Testaments”: A Long-Anticipated Sequel to “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Of all the dystopian novels I have read, "The Handmaid’s Tale" scared me most. Though...


The New Reality of Senior Traditions

As the reality of COVID-19 sets in, seniors are questioning how the end of the year and all of the traditions they...

Love in the Time of COVID: Makeout Cars, Rated

The Islander has made it a tradition as part of our April Fools’ edition to select our favorite makeout spots. This year,...

Principal Puckett Pucks It, Plans to Become a Semi-Professional Hockey Player After Resignation

In late March, beloved Principal Vicki Puckett announced that she would be joining the exciting world of semi-professional hockey following her resignation.