Fall Sports and Clubs Preview

Take a look at the fall sports and clubs offered at MIHS.



We Want World History, Not Just European History

Background and history—the good and the ugly—provides an individual with a greater sense of identity and greater connection to their heritage.

The Ten Hallway Commandments

By Roni Talby For millennia, males, females, and non-binary people have suffered from the chaos and destruction of an uncontrolled hallway. But no more. Last...


2019 is 100 Percent That Year for Lizzo

Lizzo. The name evokes both a general sense of empowerment, positivity and, of course, the woman herself: the powerful vocalist and flutist who embodies it all.

Three New Drum Majors Plan to Create a Stronger Band Community

On Thursday May 30, 2019, three new MIHS band drum majors were selected to lead the band in the 2019-2020 school year.

Gender Equality Club Holds “Brave Girl Rising” Documentary Night to Stress the Importance of...

By Annika Bhananker and Isabel Funk Gender Equality Club hosted a documentary night June 5, showing the film “Brave Girl Rising” and hearing from Nicky...


All That I Have: Week 4

By Spencer Klein   We have a cartoonist on staff. His name is Teddy Fischer. One time he drew two walruses making out, and then like...

Puckett’s Daily Schedule

By Spencer Klein Compiled by Ellie Gottesman

#ThoughtsAndPrayers Let Students Express Sadness

By Lucille Shield As students walk out of school or turn to social media to protest, the hashtag #thoughtsandprayers is becoming teenagers’ catchphrase. This inspirational...


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