International Students Explore U.S. Culture

On Mercer Island, students are used to living in a community where everyone knows everyone else, but we cannot forget that there...



Special to The MIHS Islander: A Perspective Change on Homelessness

Homeless people are often stereotyped as lazy, jobless blights in society. The reality is much more complicated.

Diverse Perspectives Are Vital For a Well-Rounded Education

In 12 years, I have had one teacher of color.


TikTok Takes Over Teenage Media Consumption

Senior Natalie Smith made one TikTok with her cousin, and the next day, her video had 1.3 million views. 

Do You Think You Can Dance: MIHS Introduces New Dance Choreography Class

This year MIHS added a new dance choreography class, allowing students to express their love for different types of dance and creative...

The Road to MIHS’s Production of “Mamma Mia”

Thanks to their dedication, the cast of MIHS’s production of "Mamma Mia" has been able to recreate the magic of the original...


The Ten Hallway Commandments

Last night I was greeted with a vision. A vision of a harmonious hallway, free from the sin that plagues our great halls. Fortunately, I was also shown by great prophets in my vision how to achieve a state of hallway bliss. I, Roni Talby, am here to spread the vision of peace and civility in our great hallways, cited in ten conveniently travel-sized commandments.

NextDoor Calls For Public Execution of Ding-Dong-Ditcher

After the identity of a “Ding-dong-ditcher” was revealed on NextDoor, dozens of users have begun calling for the public execution of the culprit.

Tully’s Fans are a Marginalized Group at MIHS

It is a well-known fact that the city of Mercer Island is addicted to Starbucks. Anyone you ask will firmly say that Starbucks is their preferred coffee vendor.