Teacher Diversity: What is the Ethnic Makeup of MIHS Teaching Staff?

Mercer Island High School’s classroom teaching staff identifies as 89% white.  Of the four core subjects – math, science,...



Principal Puckett Responds to Teacher Diversity Dilemma

The following is a direct response from Mercer Island High School Principal Vicki Puckett following the release of an MIHS Islander article...

We Want World History, Not Just European History

Background and history—the good and the ugly—provides an individual with a greater sense of identity and greater connection to their heritage.


“Joker” Q&A with Thomas Short

“Joker” was widely criticized for its extensive use of violence and attempting to garner the audience’s sympathy for a homicidal maniac. However,...

“Joker”‘s Box Office Success Underscores Its Cultural Relevance

Warning: Spoilers for the film are in this article if you haven’t seen the film please watch it first.

Hip Hop Artist Kristoffer Holtan Expresses Himself Through Music

Freshman Kristoffer Holtan recently started making music under the name Toffu.  “I make a lot of hip hop music...


The Ten Hallway Commandments

Last night I was greeted with a vision. A vision of a harmonious hallway, free from the sin that plagues our great halls. Fortunately, I was also shown by great prophets in my vision how to achieve a state of hallway bliss. I, Roni Talby, am here to spread the vision of peace and civility in our great hallways, cited in ten conveniently travel-sized commandments.

NextDoor Calls For Public Execution of Ding-Dong-Ditcher

After the identity of a “Ding-dong-ditcher” was revealed on NextDoor, dozens of users have begun calling for the public execution of the culprit.

Tully’s Fans are a Marginalized Group at MIHS

It is a well-known fact that the city of Mercer Island is addicted to Starbucks. Anyone you ask will firmly say that Starbucks is their preferred coffee vendor.