Global Climate Strike: Seattle Students Rally Together

Millions of young adults around the world took to the street today in frustration and protest of global climate change. In Seattle, thousands of students, including many from MIHS, marched from Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill to Seattle City Hall. Reporter Brooks Kahsai attended the event, where he took photos and asked fellow protestors for their thoughts on the climate crisis.



We Want World History, Not Just European History

Background and history—the good and the ugly—provides an individual with a greater sense of identity and greater connection to their heritage.

Senior Sweatshirts Endorse a Toxic Culture — Will You Wear Them?

Although the selection process is still underway, here are the two most popular designs currently for the Class of 2020. Graphic...


Mercer Island Farmers Market: Booth Reviews

Here’s a review of some of the booths to grab a bite at during your stop at the MIFM.

2019 is 100 Percent That Year for Lizzo

Lizzo. The name evokes both a general sense of empowerment, positivity and, of course, the woman herself: the powerful vocalist and flutist who embodies it all.

Three New Drum Majors Plan to Create a Stronger Band Community

On Thursday May 30, 2019, three new MIHS band drum majors were selected to lead the band in the 2019-2020 school year.


The Ten Hallway Commandments

Last night I was greeted with a vision. A vision of a harmonious hallway, free from the sin that plagues our great halls. Fortunately, I was also shown by great prophets in my vision how to achieve a state of hallway bliss. I, Roni Talby, am here to spread the vision of peace and civility in our great hallways, cited in ten conveniently travel-sized commandments.

NextDoor Calls For Public Execution of Ding-Dong-Ditcher

After the identity of a “Ding-dong-ditcher” was revealed on NextDoor, dozens of users have begun calling for the public execution of the culprit.

Tully’s Fans are a Marginalized Group at MIHS

It is a well-known fact that the city of Mercer Island is addicted to Starbucks. Anyone you ask will firmly say that Starbucks is their preferred coffee vendor.