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Ranking the Trendiest Lip Products

Summer Fridays

Many different lip products have had their turn in the limelight recently. As a self-acknowledged lip product fiend, I have taken it upon myself to rank some of the popular products to aid you in finding the perfect option for you.


Summer Fridays (Lip Balm): 10/10

The Summer Fridays Lip Balm is my holy grail. Admittedly, I own every shade, excluding Iced Coffee and Birthday Cake. The texture is incredibly smooth but not sticky, and the formula is long-lasting; reapplication is only needed every couple of hours. Plus, the amount of product you get will last you for a long time. The pigment that you get depends on the shade you apply. Pink Sugar, for example, just gives a slight pink tint. However, Cherry has so much pigment in it that I have to apply it while watching myself in a mirror to ensure I don’t get it outside my lip line. The common thread between all the shades, however, is the delectable scent, all of which are true to what they are marketed as. An additional detail that puts it over the top is the applicator, which I personally love—it’s squishy, clear and all-around perfect.

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip: 9/10 (TIE)

I really love… whatever type of lip product this is. The Juicy Lip is well-known for its unique click-up type applicator, which ensures no mess and precise application. It also comes in a range of shades and finishes, and has an incredible pigment. My one complaint is that I don’t like the smell—I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s weirdly sweet and artificial. The texture is a little heavier than a typical lip gloss—you can definitely feel this product on your lips, so I would not recommend it if you typically only like light, hydrating lip products. Despite its flaws, however, the pigment and finish on the lips make it a go-to of mine for a fun lip look.

Rhode Lip Treatment: 9/10 (TIE)

This is a really well-made product. The product itself is really glossy and applies smoothly, with a small applicator that I love since it gives full control over where the product goes. Additionally, it smells amazing, and feels hydrating on the lips. Buyers be warned, however—Rhode sells two different products, both the Lip Treatment and the Lip Tint. Many reviewers say that they become grainy with time and/or temperature changes, but there seems to be a mixed bag of experiences with this.

Fenty Gloss Bomb: 8.5/10

The Fenty Gloss Bombs are true to their name—they are incredibly glossy. It is so shiny that light will quite literally bounce off your lips. The texture is incredibly smooth and cushiony, and the formula is quite long-lasting. The shade range isn’t that large, but all of the options smell incredible. Fenty additionally offers this product in a cream gloss, heat gloss (lip plumper) and ice gloss (cooling effect). I personally own the heat gloss, and the plumping is so intense that I only use it occasionally, when I can handle the tingling that makes you feel as if you just set your lips on fire. The applicator is very precise and feels great on the lips, which provides a lot of precision. Overall, this is a great product—Rihanna does it again! 

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm: 8/10

The Laneige Lip Glowy Balm is a really solid product. It applies smoothly and smells amazing, all while giving a slight tint, which varies in intensity depending on the shade you use. All of the colors do provide a nice pop to the lips. However, the gloss is pretty sticky, which is the only thing I don’t like about it. While this does make it feel hydrating, it’s annoying when your lips feel like they’re stuck together. My one other complaint is that the applicator is put at a 45-degree angle (compared to the way that applicators are usually positioned), so that you have to twist your wrist to get the product to apply comfortably on the lips. 

Dior Lip Oil: 7.5/10

The Dior Lip Oil is ridiculously overpriced, but it overall is still a really good product; it applies smoothly and has a nice applicator. Additionally, they have a decent shade range, offering a slight pigment on your lips. However, other than the price, the main critique that I have of the product is that it is extremely sticky. If a single hair blows across your face, you will be fighting for your life to get it off.  Overall, it’s a nice product, and it lasts for a long time—at the cost of the stickiness (and your bank account).

Tower 28 (Lip Gloss): 6/10

This gloss looks good on the lips and the packaging is really pretty, but the formula smells and tastes incredibly weird. Whenever I put it on my lips, I am immediately ready to take it off—my friend says it smells and tastes like “vegan butter.” It also feels very heavy on the lips, just like the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip. The applicator is also pretty weird—the product gathers on the applicator in certain spots and makes it hard to control. It’s not a bad product, but the smell and taste make it one that I wouldn’t really reach for. 

Rare Beauty Lip Oil: 5.5/10

Let me start off by saying—as a lip oil connoisseur—that this product is most definitely not a lip oil. It applies and immediately gives a tingly feeling—I’m unsure why, since that is typically a quality reserved for lip plumpers, which this product is most certainly not marketed as. However, the applicator is nice and the product applies precisely, which some companies have (shockingly) not yet figured out how to do right. While the pigment is nice, giving the lips a pretty stain, the product just feels very slick and non-hydrating on the lips. If you are going for pigment alone this is a nice option, but it doesn’t offer much beyond that.

Aquaphor Lip Repair Stick: 5/10

This is a simple product that doesn’t really do much, but your lips do feel hydrated after using it. Despite this, the product doesn’t last long, so you do need to constantly reapply it, which is a pet peeve of mine. No complaints but no compliments… I like it slightly better than the Rosy Lips Vaseline.

Rosy Lips Vaseline: 4.5/10

These cute little Vaseline tubs get the job done for a cheap price. They don’t give much of a tint but instead give a slight gloss to the lips. The scent is fine—nothing to write home about, but it didn’t gross me out. The product also feels extremely hydrating on the lips, which is to be expected since it’s Vaseline. However, the lack of an applicator is incredibly irritating—if you have long nails, either buy yourself a little spatula or avoid this product. 

Glossier Balm Dot Com: 2/10

I hate this thing. The new formula is absolute trash. It is just such a weird texture—they managed to make a lip balm chunky and oily, which I didn’t even know was possible. The old formula isn’t as chunky, even though the product separates and comes out at an odd consistency, but it is so incredibly oily—I might as well have smeared olive oil on my lips. It looks pretty on your lips, the packaging is cute, the applicator is fine and there’s a good scent and shade range, but it’s all wasted on this trashy formula that just melts in the heat.

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