Summer in Seattle

Countless broken heat records and weeks of sun indicate that this summer will be a warm one. However, Seattle summers always include cooler days. It is difficult to keep up with the constantly varying weather, and even harder to plan activities that match the current climate. This comprehensive guide of summer activities takes into account all types of Seattle weather, whether it is a cloudless, … Continue reading Summer in Seattle

Senioritis outbreak affecting teens throughout Seattle area

On March 31,  Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency due to a Senioritis outbreak in the Seattle area. Hundreds of high school seniors became afflicted this college admissions season, and the disease has now spread to all teenagers in the area. Senioritis has been a common seasonal disease among high school seniors since colleges began to send their admissions decisions by email, which … Continue reading Senioritis outbreak affecting teens throughout Seattle area

Fremont guide

Similar to Ballard, Fremont is a super interesting neighborhood with crazy landmarks and quirky people. From the Fremont Troll and the Rocket to the sculpture of Vladimir Lenin, the neighborhood is an adventure waiting to happen. Head over, because a day in Fremont is a good one. Food Brunch – Roux Whether you’re craving chicken and waffles or just plain pancakes, Rue is a perfect, cute Fremont … Continue reading Fremont guide

Downtown Seattle guide

It is a common practice of Seattleites to forget how amazing and fun downtown Seattle really is. Find a parking spot and spend the day eating, walking through the Market, and getting coffee. Food Brunch – Sitka and Spruce Sitka and Spruce is a brunch you dress up for. The spot serves classic, organic brunch favorites, so come with an appetite. Waffles – Sweet Iron  … Continue reading Downtown Seattle guide

Capitol Hill guide

Right by the U-district, Capitol Hill is known for it’s unique architecture, cool hangouts, and awesome brunch. Come to Cap Hill for a stroll through Volunteer Park, and stay for brunch at Tallulah or coffee at Victrola Cafe. Food Brunch – Tallulah’s Tallulah’s is a trendy brunch spot with stylish decor and great food. Try the Stumptown cold brew, the Lemon Ricotta pancake, or the … Continue reading Capitol Hill guide

Your six step guide to the perfect Super Bowl viewing party

Super Bowl 50 is here! Since the Seahawks aren’t playing in the big game this year, many Seattleites may not be tuning in to watch this afternoon. However, the Super Bowl is an amazing opportunity to spend time with friends and family, and an excuse to eat fun food. Here is a list of Super Bowl viewing party must-haves that will make the game just as … Continue reading Your six step guide to the perfect Super Bowl viewing party

Six ways to relax after finals

Finals week is made up of all nighters, mind-numbing memorization, flashcards, and serious stress. You’ll definitely need a break! Even though the week just started, here are six simple and fun ways to relax and refresh your mind.  [columns] [column size=”1/2″] After a week of studying, a bit of downward dogging will help to keep calm, reinstate balance, and wake up.   With an excellent selection … Continue reading Six ways to relax after finals