Ballard guide


Zoe Levin and Zoe Levin

One of the must-visit neighborhoods in the Seattle area is Ballard. This place is filled with interesting people, eclectic boutiques, amazing food, and lots to do. Close by and sure to offer a great time, Ballard is the place to go on break.


Brunch – The Fat Hen

The Fat Hen is arguably the most quaint breakfast/lunch spot in Seattle, serving tasty and affordable bites in its cozy restaurant.

All-day Eats – Porkchop & Co.

Serving mouthwatering comfort food all day, Porkchop & Co. serves tasty food in its trendy restaurant. There is no such thing as order-regret at this place, so head on over.

Dessert – Hotcakes

Hotcakes is possibly the greatest and most delicious dessert spot in all of Ballard. Serving namesake molten lava cakes, cookies, and other tasty baked goods, Hot Cakes is a must-go.


Toast Ballard

Not just a coffee shop, Toast sells specialty waffles and you guessed it, toast. Order a Filbert waffle, a cup of java, and enjoy. Remember, heaven to some is waffles and coffee.

Sip and Ship

Possibly the most “Ballard” shop ever, Sip and Ship allows you to send your mail and order breakfast in the same place. Even if you don’t have any shipping needs, it’s worth stopping by just to see such a hilarious place.

Ballard Coffee Works

Ballard Coffee Works is a classic corner cafe with a relaxing atmosphere and a reliably good cup of coffee.


The Ballard Locks

If you have family visiting from out of town, the Ballard Locks are a great site to hit. Very educational and pretty interesting, the visiting the Locks gives you an excuse to take a stroll and you’ll leave with some cool fish facts.

Stone Gardens

Indoors and outdoors, appointment rock climbing is always a fun activity. Whether you want to climb the hardest route or simply lie on the cushioned floor, rock climbing with friends or family is always sure to be a hit.

Boutique Shopping

From Lucca to Ketch, Horseshoe to Venue, Ballard is home to a myriad of amazing boutiques, filled with gifts, clothes, decor pieces, and sweets.

Thumbnail photo courtesy Mike Robinson