Downtown Seattle guide


Zoe Levin and Zoe Levin

It is a common practice of Seattleites to forget how amazing and fun downtown Seattle really is. Find a parking spot and spend the day eating, walking through the Market, and getting coffee.


Brunch – Sitka and Spruce

Sitka and Spruce is a brunch you dress up for. The spot serves classic, organic brunch favorites, so come with an appetite.

Waffles – Sweet Iron 

For a variety of crazy good waffles, both sweet and savory, make your way to Sweet Iron, and don’t be afraid of ordering everything on the menu.

All-day Eats – Trove Seattle

Possibly the most eclectic eatery in Seattle, Trove serves frozen yogurt parfaits, noodles, and BBQ! Whichever you’re in the mood for, head over and enjoy.


Moore Coffee Shop

Moore is known for its adorable latte art, from flowers to pandas. Make sure to capture the cuteness, then enjoy! For less detailed but still delicious coffee, head on over to Tougo Coffee Co. or the Cortona Cafe.


The London Plane

Half restaurant half grocery store, The London Plane is a unique and fun spot in Seattle to try.

Seattle Bouldering Project

Rock climb without a harness, and no appointment necessary. Pay $12, don some climbing shoes, and you’re set! Added bonus: they play cool music and the bouldering will burn off the waffles you ate earlier that day.


There is always something happening at Experience Music Project. Check out the EMP website for details about current exhibits. Although the museum is very touristy, it captures the heart of Seattle and is a very cool activity, especially if it is raining.

Pike Place Market

There is no shame in being a tourist! Pike Place is great for shopping, eating, or just walking around. It is impossible to be bored at the Market; so head down and have fun!

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