Fact-checked: A correction to the April issue

Following President Trump’s executive order changing the national language to Russian, The Islander highlighted some helpful phrases for the new administration in its most recent issue. However, because of some trouble with our translators, the correct English translations did not make it in the paper. They have been reprinted below. We apologize for the mistake. Continue reading “Fact-checked: A correction to the April issue”

Alternative presidential candidates debate

  Four lesser-known presidential candidates participated in an interesting debate Sunday night in an event broadcasted nationally on C-SPAN 3. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, independent Evan McMullin, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle debated policy for two hours, facing a wide variety of questions on controversial topics and issues. Over the past few months, Johnson, who is currently polling at 8 … Continue reading Alternative presidential candidates debate

Senioritis outbreak affecting teens throughout Seattle area

On March 31,  Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency due to a Senioritis outbreak in the Seattle area. Hundreds of high school seniors became afflicted this college admissions season, and the disease has now spread to all teenagers in the area. Senioritis has been a common seasonal disease among high school seniors since colleges began to send their admissions decisions by email, which … Continue reading Senioritis outbreak affecting teens throughout Seattle area