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MIHS Students Happily Embrace the Various Elements of Hybrid Learning


With MIHS transitioning to a hybrid learning model, many students are looking forward to the various elements of in-person school.

Several students shared their opinions on what they are most excited for about returning to school after a year of online learning. 

“I am excited to start sitting in uncomfortable chairs again. It is a nice transition from doing online school in my comfortable bed with my cat,” sophomore Susan Johnson said. 

Students also shared their opinions on the lack of bathroom breaks during hybrid learning. It is unsafe for students to use the school restrooms often because of COVID-19. 

“I hate public restrooms. Now I actually have an excuse to not use them. I am also looking forward to drinking less water so I don’t have to go to the bathroom during class,” freshman Bob Williams said. 

The most convenient time to go to the bathroom is during lunch, where students can go off-campus and use their own restroom. 

“I can’t wait to run home as fast as I can when lunch starts and use my own toilet. It also takes ten minutes to get there so I can get some good exercise,” Johnson said. 

The off-campus lunch time is another new addition to hybrid learning. Students who wish to stay on campus can enjoy sitting alone at the tables without their friends, since the tables are one to a seat. 

“My friend and I will sit at different tables and we can stare at the wall together since we can’t sit next to each other. We can also bring paper and markers and hold up notes to each other. It is so much more fun than talking,” Williams said. 

Students who eat lunch on campus will find unique ways to communicate with their friends, which will ultimately strengthen their relationships. It is a way for students to feel grateful once they are able to sit together again and talk instead of looking at their phones. 

Another aspect of hybrid learning is the new schedule. Instead of hour-long classes, there will now be 85-minute classes.

“I’ve always wanted the classes to be even longer. Now there will be more opportunities to daydream in class. The four hours on Zoom may have made many other kids tired, but not me. I can’t wait to stare at my computer for six hours a day!” junior John Smith said. 

Since the school day will be longer, students will also wake up earlier to get ready for school and get to the building on time. 

“I like to wake up one minute before my Zoom class and run to the computer. When I have classes in the building, I can run all the way to school instead when my alarm doesn’t go off. It will be a fun workout,” Johnson said. 

Additionally, students will take tests and quizzes in the classroom, so they will actually study the material they need to know. 

“I used to google the answers during tests because it was so easy to do and my teachers never suspected a thing. I can’t wait to actually read my textbooks and stay up all night studying right before a test,” Williams said. 

Other students plan on finding different ways to cheat without the teacher finding out. 

“I don’t really want to study, so I can watch YouTube videos on how to cheat on a test. I would try putting my answers on a water bottle label but my teachers don’t let me use water bottles. I will have to be really creative!” Johnson said. 

Overall, students are looking forward to leaving online school behind and transitioning to a hybrid model where school will be more challenging. 

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