MIHS Unveils Second Campus in Hawaii


Sophie Prock, Staff Writer

This year, students of Mercer Island High School have been loving online school: waking up every day, bright and early, with a smile on their faces, ready for the day. 

Many resident families of Mercer Island have additional vacation homes (or memberships with Four Seasons resorts) in beautiful places, a popular location being Hawaii, USA. Students and their families spend summers, holidays and spring breaks relaxing by the ocean. 

After receiving numerous requests from enrolled students, the board of Mercer Island School District has approved the construction of a new campus on the beach of Wailea, Maui. 

“This secondary campus is the best development since Pasta Mondays! It allows students an easy and comfortable commute from their vacation homes,” said Gate Krove, a student in favor of also opening another campus in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Although online school has been a breeze, many of the hard-working, cameras-on, fully awake students need a break. 

With traveling being so inexpensive, safe and simple, almost everyone enrolled at MIHS has taken a quick getaway to their favorite vacation spot. 

And don’t worry, all travelers were tested before boarding the plane and only spent time with their small bubble of 38 people before taking off. 

“I love being able to step out into the warm sunny weather and take all of my zoom calls from the beach! It’s been such a wonderful experience for my friends and me. There’s nothing to worry about here!” another spring breaker said.

Obviously, students are taking utmost precaution due to the Coronavirus pandemic and keeping the locals’ safety in mind while having a blast at the new MIHS Hawaii campus.