Analysis: The art of résumé padding

Every year the college admissions process gets harder. Acceptance rates drop, expectations go up, and students compete more fiercely than ever in their academic and extracurricular pursuits — an issue that MIHS’s culture of fierce competition only exacerbates. It comes as no surprise, then, that some students attempt to take shortcuts when trying to look their best for admissions departments. Continue reading “Analysis: The art of résumé padding”

“Save Mercerdale Park” rally pushes back against planned arts center

Passersby at Mercerdale Park this morning were greeted by red balloons, plastic caution tape wrapped around trees, a country music trio playing protest songs, and a small yet vocal group of red-shirted protesters marching against the controversial location of the planned Mercer Island Center for the Arts (commonly referred to as MICA). Continue reading ““Save Mercerdale Park” rally pushes back against planned arts center”

Fall Sports Preview

BOYS ULTIMATE FRISBEE (Tribe) In its second year of existence, the boys’ Ultimate Frisbee team is poised for success, according to captain and senior Aidan Dobson.  The up-and-coming sport of ultimate frisbee is cementing its reputation at Mercer Island High School.  Standout players Garrett Leung, Tyler Shanahan, and Leo Lollie round out the junior-heavy squad. BOYS GOLF Co-captains Zack Gottesman and Maverick Emerson hope to … Continue reading Fall Sports Preview

Donald Trump: Not Our President

Since Election Day, large-scale protests have occurred on a seemingly daily basis in cities across the country, full of people speaking out against President-elect Trump’s many faults.  While the right to protest is one deeply rooted in American tradition, many conservatives and Trump supporters appear to believe that these protesters shouldn’t be out on the streets. Continue reading “Donald Trump: Not Our President”

Mock election breakdown: results and trends

In a poll of 134 members of the MIHS student body last weekend, The Islander found a consistently Democratic trend in student opinion. Here’s the breakdown of our results. Click here to compare these results to those of King County’s mock election. King County Charter Amendment No. 2 Gender-Neutral Language Shall the King County Charter be amended to make its language gender-neutral? Initiative #1433 Initiative Measure No. … Continue reading Mock election breakdown: results and trends

Alternative presidential candidates debate

  Four lesser-known presidential candidates participated in an interesting debate Sunday night in an event broadcasted nationally on C-SPAN 3. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, independent Evan McMullin, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle debated policy for two hours, facing a wide variety of questions on controversial topics and issues. Over the past few months, Johnson, who is currently polling at 8 … Continue reading Alternative presidential candidates debate