Students Wear Blue in Solidarity With Pittsburgh


Compiled by Isabel Funk, Ellie Gottesman and Annie Poole

On Monday, October 29, MIHS stood with students across the nation and wore blue in honor of the victims of the Pittsburgh shooting.

The shooting occurred on Saturday while members of the Tree of Life Congregation were worshiping at synagogue. Eleven members of the community were killed and six more were injured.

This shooting demonstrates the anti-Semitism that still exists today and the fear it instills in the Jewish community.


Lydia Wampold | Freshman

“I’m wearing blue to support the victims of the mass shooting in Pittsburgh. I feel like our country should be more progressive.”

Matthew Feldman | Sophomore

“I’m wearing blue in the support of the people who went through the Pittsburgh shooting and against anti-Semitism. It makes me sad that there are hateful people in the world.”

Lucas Moore | Junior

“I think it’s horrible. People in our country aren’t doing anything about it and something should change.”

Abby Berman | Senior

“I’m wearing blue today to honor the victims and the community in Pittsburgh. I think it’s an important time for all of us to stand together and show that we are here to support each other and stand against anti-Semitism.”