Senior sleepover: one last chance to bond before graduation


On the night of May 24, members of the senior class grabbed their pajamas, sleeping bags, and blow-up mattresses to make their way to the amphitheater for a class-wide sleepover. Some students dressed in their onesies with many getting to dress up as a lemur here.

The event, organized by Senior Class Treasurer Mallica Cary and ASB Treasurer Lauren Cartwright, proved to be a huge success. A giant movie screen was set up and students gathered around with snacks and good friends to enjoy each other’s company for one of the last senior class events.

In the morning, prepared to take their SBAC exams, sophomores and juniors arrived to find seniors huddled beneath pillows and blankets eating freshly made pancakes.

However, Cary stressed that the sleepover was not intended to be just a senior prank.

“I don’t consider this to be a senior prank but rather as an opportunity for the seniors to do some wholesome bonding together in our last weeks of school,” she said. “It was just a bonus seeing confused SBAC testers in the morning.”

The sleepover was more than just a fun activity, because for most seniors, it was one of their last chances to be united as a grade. It allowed those who participated to make one last memory that will be looked back upon fondly.