What MI students appreciate about their teachers

Hanna Norén and Hanna Norén

Which teacher has made the biggest impact on your life at MIHS?

Ms. Confalone teaches resource and she helps me with all of my classes. Resource is basically a study hall. She feels like a mom in school. She really cares about you and is willing to do anything to help you get into good colleges.

Valery Chen, sophomore

What do you think makes Mercer Island teachers unique? 

I think that lots of Mercer Island students don’t realize it but most of the teachers that we have here really care about the fact that we’re learning something. They are very passionate about teaching us something and having us coming away from the class with something tangible that we learned from them. Whereas in other schools I am sure that teachers couldn’t care less whether you actually acquire knowledge over the course of the year.  I think that students here don’t realize that our teachers are very special.

Carlino Cuono, senior

What do you think are the primary strengths of MI teachers?

 I think MI teachers are really amazing and they can really connect to all of their students and help them with their individual problems. They always make sure that every student feels at home.

Tara Manhas, freshman

How do MI teachers work to improve the lives of their students?

Teachers meet after hours and they accommodate to the student’s life.

Bryce Fitzwilson, freshman