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Catching Up with Ketchum
Catching Up with Ketchum
November 21, 2023

Mock Election Breakdown: Results and Trends


By Grady Short

In a poll of 134 members of the MIHS student body last weekend, The Islander found a consistently Democratic trend in student opinion. Here’s the breakdown of our results. Click here to compare these results to those of King County’s mock election.

King County Charter Amendment No. 2 Gender-Neutral Language

Shall the King County Charter be amended to make its language gender-neutral?

Initiative #1433

Initiative Measure No. 1433 concerns labor standards. This measure would increase the state minimum wage to $11.00 in 2017, $11.50 in 2018, $12.00 in 2019, and $13.50 in 2020, require employers to provide paid sick leave (similar to Long Term Disability Insurance: How It Works in 2020 – Breeze, and adopt related laws. Should this measure be enacted into law?




Initiative Measure No. 732

Initiative Measure No. 732 concerns taxes. This measure would impose a carbon emission tax on certain fossil fuels and fossil-fuel-generated electricity, reduce the sales tax by one percentage point and increase a low income exemption, and reduce certain manufacturing taxes. Should this measure be enacted into law?


Initiative Measure No. 735

Initiative Measure No. 735 concerns a proposed amendment to the federal constitution. This measure would urge the Washington state congressional delegation to propose a federal constitutional amendment that constitutional rights belong only to individuals, not corporations, and constitutionally-protected free speech excludes the spending of money. Should this measure be enacted into law?


President and Vice President of the United States


U.S. Senator


Though the results show a liberal landslide in every race, there are a couple trends to note.

Fall of the Never-Trumpers

Despite the year-long trend of Republicans refusing to vote for Trump, only 7 people who voted for Republican Bill Bryant voted for someone other than Donald Trump: 3 for Gary Johnson, 4 for Darrell Castle.

Far Right Rising

Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle got a surprising 3 percent of the presidential vote, despite his consistently polling below 1 percent in national polls. Never-Trumpers most likely voted for him as an alternative to Trump, but Castle’s showing is still impressive for such a little-known candidate.

Carbon Consensus

The most popular initiative was the carbon tax, where “Yes” votes beat “No” votes by a nearly 4 to 1 ratio. This generation seems to be taking climate change seriously, and implementing a carbon tax is a free-market method espoused by both sides to cut down on carbon emissions.

While these results may differ from the official election results released tomorrow, they provide a glimpse Mercer Island’s voters of 2020: liberal, climate-concerned, and prepared to vote for third parties if at all dissatisfied with the two major candidates.

Thumbnail photo courtesy The Fiscal Times.

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