Citizens United ruling: why it’s not just the Supreme Court’s fault

Despite six years of trying, lawmakers on Capitol Hill have yet pass a constitutional amendment overturning the controversial Citizens United v Federal Election Committee decision. Back in 2010, a five to four majority of the Supreme Court established that corporations and unions were guaranteed the rights outlined in the First Amendment. The Court could not be allowed to limit a company’s independent campaign expenditures, which … Continue reading Citizens United ruling: why it’s not just the Supreme Court’s fault

A healthier source of happiness

Students in high school should recognize that “Doing something with your life” or “Being better than average” are not requirements to living happily. This attitude warps students’ definitions of success, leading to considerable stress and frustration as people struggle to be extraordinary and unique, or to pre-maturely determine a life path. Many see high school as an in-between stage, a transition from the familiarity of … Continue reading A healthier source of happiness

Family Over Finance

Contemporary society suffers from many afflictions, but all pale in comparison to untempered materialism. Society must turn away from the materialism of mass culture and focus on emotional connections and family values to attain a healthier and happier lifestyle. Popular culture has repeatedly romanticized gaining wealth and physical possessions through everything from televised dramas to music regardless of the means by which one measures that … Continue reading Family Over Finance

Is Hillary Clinton’s attempt at youth appeal working?

Beginning with the announcement of her campaign on YouTube last April, Hillary Clinton’s run for president has been filled with promises and scandals. Amid all this, her most important tactic is her use of pop culture references. Compared to the 2008 election when Clinton’s team ridiculed how Obama’s young and loudmouthed following only superficially supported him, she seems determined to win the youth vote this … Continue reading Is Hillary Clinton’s attempt at youth appeal working?