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The Apple Vision Pro: How the Human Race is Slowly Losing Connection

The Apple Vision Pro: How the Human Race is Slowly Losing Connection

On Feb. 2, 2024, Apple came out with their newest product, the Apple Vision Pro. The Apple Vision Pro is a Virtual Reality (VR) headset made to capture and emphasize moments in time and store them as video memories, along with serving all the purposes of an iPhone. The Apple Vision Pro connects to the iPhone and can be controlled by a user’s eyes, hands and voice. Currently, the headset is sold for $3,499 at Apple, and Apple is holding appointments for the public to try it out.

I believe the Apple Vision Pro is a moronic invention created for a world of floating heads and dull-minded imbeciles. It takes the purity out of interaction.

Many millennials and members of Generation X experienced parts of their lives in a world without home technology, which may influence their perspective.

“I think it’s society moving forward. It’s technology moving forward,” MIHS Parking Coordinator and football coach Courtney Taylor said.

“It looks neat … leveraging the Vision Pro to teach interests me, but I have no idea how to begin to think about it,” AP Psychology teacher Jeffrey Randolph said.

“Even though I’m probably not likely to buy any of these ocular things, I feel like that kind of technology is a good thing,” English teacher Curtis Johnson said. 

Some people are less fond of the product.

“They need some work,” history teacher Dino Annest said.

“There are sort of feelings of disassociation and we’re sort of duplicating ourselves without actually duplicating ourselves,” MIHS English teacher Jane Stafford said. “I question what that might mean for intimacy and connection and the human experience.”

“I have a friend who had one and returned it … One of his kids was having headaches, it was too heavy and it being so expensive and not being comfortable,” Security Liaison Kelly John-Lewis said. “It doesn’t seem worth it.”

As someone born in Generation Z, I have never experienced a world without personal technology and I believe this has an impact on my opinion of the product. I want the world to go back to how it was before the introduction of the cell phone. It encourages laziness over interaction, and it can quickly consume people when it comes to social media and misinformation. While older generations are a mixed bag, younger generations have always had access to personal devices, so their attitudes towards the product are more strongly negative.

MIHS student Petra Videriksen said “it’s stupid,” and many members of Generation Z seem to agree. 

“I think they’re pretty cool, but I see people who are in videos walking around with them on the street and I think that’s a little bit scary for the future,” MIHS student Amuktha Josyula said.

“It’s kind of weird,” MIHS student Jack Richter said. “I don’t really like how it’s like a VR headset but in real life, and I think it’s going to lead to the end of the world.”

“I think it’s not really shaping our culture and I’ve seen a lot of videos of people walking around in like New York, specifically on subways, and they look really freaky,” MIHS student Sienna Sheppard said. 

The input at MIHS seems to be scattered, possibly because most students and staff members have not tried the product, they have just heard of it. 

Though I adore Apple products, I think they took their title too far when introducing this product. 

Though it is a cool idea, I believe the human race has already lost some of its abilities to physically communicate due to the recent developments of technology. Human life has been completely altered in just the last 50 years with the introduction of modern technology. This new technical advancement will only result in less human interaction, and I am scared for the future as it becomes available for purchase.

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