Men In Humanities Club Off to a Rocky Start

By Spencer Klein

Combating a plethora of female empowerment organizations — including Gender Equality Club, Women in STEM Club and Drama 2 — one brave student has been fighting back. Starting next Tuesday, Men in Humanities Club will meet in the LPR to discuss the latest in literature, history publications and progressive art.

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Top Five Reasons to Subscribe to The MIHS Islander

By Ben Capuano

To those new to our school district this year — we get it, you might not know what to expect from the school newspaper. That’s fair. How could you have been expected to keep up with the best student newspaper in the country when you didn’t even know it existed? But now you’re officially part of our school. You have no excuse. You should be studying every issue we ever publish.

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All That I Have: Week 4

By Spencer Klein


We have a cartoonist on staff. His name is Teddy Fischer. One time he drew two walruses making out, and then like two minutes later he made out with two walruses (this act is known as a “blubber sandwich”). As soon as that cartoon got published I knew I had to abuse our cartoonist. So, I invented some made up position (Note to editor: Next year can we come up with a more convincing and official sounding title? I was thinking like “Lord of Laughs,” “The Jesting Journalist” or “Editor in Chief”) on the editorial board so I could have enough power to commision a cartoon.

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