Paris wasn’t built in a day: student crafts the Tolo centerpiece

Paris wasnt built in a day: student crafts the Tolo centerpiece

Christine Lee and Christine Lee

While jamming to Top 40 tunes and posing for pictures with your closest friends last Saturday night, you may have noticed a twinkling display in the center of the Commons. In honor of the Winter Tolo theme, “A Night in Paris,” senior Carlino Cuono built an impressive nine-foot model of the Eiffel Tower.

At a senior service club meeting earlier this month, while discussing decorations for Tolo, Cuono was given the opportunity to demonstrate his interest and construct a model of the famous Parisian landmark. “My dad helped me with the logistics of putting everything together,” said Cuono.

Once he sketched a design and folded a miniature paper model of the tower, Cuono and his dad bought the wood, metal, and wire. With power tools, they cut a lattice out of the metal— a task that took a total of 20 hours.

Cuono has always had an interest in architecture and wants to go into the field of architectural engineering. “Architecture is one of the most critical parts of our society: everyone needs a home and a place to work. It is the meeting point of abstract design, physical structure, and human interaction, making it a field with many options and many problems to be solved.”