Halloween Costume Highlights

img_9803 Julia Graham and Nikita Marcou pose for a shot in the infamous AP Chemistry classroom.  Graham is working a vintage bee suit from her elementary school years, paired with a set of bumble bee wings.  Marcou embraces the chemistry lifestyle, posing as a pipette queen.  We love the cuteness of Graham’s costume and the originality of Marcou’s.

img_9806Some might question the meaning behind Ella Caledonia’s costume, but look closer and you will discover the play on words.  She paired an avocado dress with an angelic halo, together this duo creates the “holy guacamole” costume that we so adore.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-1-16-36-pmRyan Liang, more commonly known as “Ryan the Unicorn” dressed as a unicorn, in a full onesie.  We consider this costume magical.

img_9811Daniel Kim embraces his alter ego, dressing as Arthur from the hit TV show known to many. You may recognize his costume from the popular “triggered” meme, which has spread across the internet.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-1-18-52-pmGood morning Islanders, gossip girl here.  You’re one and only source to the creative and hilarious halloween costumes of your MIHS islanders.  The resemblance here is uncanny as Boo Williams poses as Blair Waldorf and Brooke Gardner as Serena Vanderwoodsen.  We love these girls’ commitment to their doppelgangers.        XOXO, Gossip Girl

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-1-22-11-pmNalani Ogawa strikes a pose dressed as an Avatar from the blockbuster hit.  We are delighted to see the reappearance of this hilarious costume.  We would rate this a 10/10 for humor and commitment to character.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-1-22-54-pmFrom making delicious sandwiches to studying at school these girls do it all, and it is evident even in their halloween costumes.  Here, Kate Everson and Brynn Strother wear their official homegrown uniforms.  We only managed to capture two of the many students who dressed up as homegrown workers at Mercer Island.

This accidental twinning is spot-on.  Experience the wonder of the mantra, “great minds think alike” in the costumes of Kayla Tsang and Allie Myers.  You may recognize the costume from the character Boo in Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc.

Abby Berman also known as Dwight from “The Office” and Maile Moll, or shall we say Sister Margie embrace their characters in the way they pose.  The precision of these costumes is comical.

“Run Forest, Run!” Kayla Bacetti personified the character Forest Gump in both costume and action.

img_9857Just insert a coin! You’ve got yourself an adorable gum ball machine! Molly Parkinson’s costume inspires us to be more creative.  This get up is both authentic and well-made.

img_9858“Amigas! Cheetas! Friends for life!” These sophomores were showstoppers at lunch on Monday in their identical costumes, a play on words for the Cheetah Girls.  These girls keep it sassy: a group costume to remember!

img_9864Sophie Hankes dressed as Amelia Earheart brings us back to the past.  We love this historical characterization of this important woman!

img_9867Jimmy Neutron made an appearance on Halloween.  Sophia Stribling brought about smiles and laughs from all that enjoy the hit TV show.

img_9875Tinkywinky! Dipsy! Laalaa! Po! Teletubbies, Teletubbies say hello!  Adam Edenkrans strutted the hallways as Tinky Winky reminding us of our childhood days.  He was a show stopper!