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Niko's Nook: Entry #1
December 5, 2023

Vendors’ Experience at the MI Farmers Market

People walk around at the Mercer Island Farmers Market.
Alek Simbe
People walk around at the Mercer Island Farmers Market.

The Mercer Island Farmers Market has been open since 2006, featuring vendors from all over Washington that come together every Sunday between June and October, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There are numerous farmers markets all over the state, including some in Bellevue, Port Townsend and Pike Place, but vendors continue to return to Mercer Island for business.

“I think this market definitely has a more chill vibe than a lot of other markets do,” Ariana Dapra, co-owner of Greenhouse Cafe, said. Dapra is the Market Manager for the Ballard Evening Market, a relatively new market started in August of 2023. The Greenhouse Cafe, a vegan breakfast restaurant, is new as well, having opened in spring of 2022.

Foggy Hog Farm in Port Townsend specializes in pork products such as sausages and bacon from Berkshire pigs, a breed of pig known for its rich flavor and healthy fats. The pigs are also raised on a healthy diet, digesting wild plants and veggie scraps. “There’s a lot of people that have enough disposable income to purchase locally grown produce and meats, and as a result of that we’re well supported here,” Head Sales Marketer Sean D. said.

Vendors have tight schedules to maintain the constant movement of produce from one supplier to another. In comparison to other popular farmers markets in Washington, Mercer Island’s seems to run shorter, as the operating hours are from late morning to early afternoon. Vendors shared that coming to the market is worth it.

“The Ballard Farmers Market is huge, and it’s year round. There are already 200 vendors there. It doesn’t make sense to add another [vendor] as people already have their spots,” Anna Main, sister to the owner of Cascade Natural Honey, said. Cascade Natural Honey harvests out of the Cascades area and distributes pasteurized natural honey into multiple areas of urban Washington. The non-competitive nature of the market attracts farmers who have higher-standard goods, allowing them to solidify a spot within the Mercer Island community. 

The market is also known for catering to every gender and demographic, as there is a stand dedicated to providing activities for young children and gardening clubs for older folks. 

“I see a lot of young children here. So a lot of young families are here. There’s a lot of older people as well and they’re independently shopping for themselves,” Madison Lee, an employee of AG Family Farms, said. AG Family Farms is located out of Quincy, where the farm grows foreign fruits such as Asian pears and Luisa plums. Lee’s experience at the market demonstrates the welcome and communal nature of the market for residents of Mercer Island.

While the summer season for the Mercer Island Farmers Market has ended, the Harvest Market will be going on the week of Thanksgiving. 

To learn more about the vendors that return every summer, you can visit this website:

Market Vendors | Mercer Island Farmers Market (

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