Horticulture Class Hosts Plant Sale

The Plant Sale Showcases the Work of MIHS Horticulture Class

Kira Lancaster

The Plant Sale Showcases the Work of MIHS Horticulture Class

Kira Lancaster, Staff Writer

The MIHS Horticulture class put together their annual Plant Sale Saturday, May 6, showcasing the hard work and dedication the students had and offering their crops to the community.

“The sale has been going on for at least 25 years,” Horticulture teacher Elysse Forester said. “The purpose of the Horticulture Annual Plant Sale is to provide leadership and work experience opportunities for students in the class.”

At the event, rows upon rows of plants were laid out for sale with a student’s name by it. The students have worked since January to organize the sale and grow their own crops. This also gave them the opportunity to learn about marketing and business.

“[Students] have to do calculations to determine how much their individual crop will cost to produce and what a fair sale price would be,” Forester said. “They are responsible for researching the requirements of their individual crops, planting and caring for the crop and for creating informative resources to give out with the crops at the sale.”

This opportunity for students to learn leadership and gain work experience helps to prepare them for the world beyond high school. It is also important for them to work hands-on and get real-world experience.

“These experiences are meant to bring meaningful work experience to students so they are more prepared for the world outside of high school,” Forester said. “The sale proceeds go right back into the program, so we are able to fund events for future sales and other hands-on learning experiences for students. Some of the opportunities include field trips, work opportunities and guest speakers from industry.”

The Horticulture students worked hard to grow and sell their crops, and it shows. Everything was organized and the environment of the sale was light and welcoming. There will be one more sale this year on May 20 from 9:00am-3:00pm.