What it takes to be a Rotary Islander of the Month


Nathan Benson and Nathan Benson

Every month, two Islanders are awarded the Islander Rotary of the Month award in recognition of their community service throughout their years as a high school student. Each month, a separate department is charged with the task of nominating students for the award. Teachers in the respective department have the opportunity to choose which students they would like to see nominated. The nominated students then submit their resumes complete with all of the service they have done both locally and globally along with a short essay detailing their experiences. A selection committee, comprised of administrators, teachers, and students, then reviews the resumes, reading and discussing each one before selecting a male and female recipient for the award. The grades and extracurriculars of the student are taken into account along with the charity work, however, there is no volunteer hour requirement. The nominated students have gone above and beyond in their commitment to helping the community. Some have volunteered at retirement homes where they help run programs for the elderly. Others have worked to make a difference throughout the world by organizing book drives for women or running fundraisers for those in need. After reading and discussing the resumes, the selection committee votes on the nominees to select a winner.

Recipients of the award receive certificates and are invited to a Mercer Island Rotary lunch. The Rotary Club looks to bring together business people and professionals to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. At the lunch, the students formally receive their awards and are given the opportunity to tell Mercer Island Rotary of all the hard work and volunteering they have done and why they were selected for the award.