ACLU club: a starting point for student activism

Juniors Katy Spencer and Sam Bailey, president and vice-president of the American Civil Liberties Union at Mercer Island High School, started the club this school year for students who have an interest in learning about and fighting for civil liberties. The establishment of the club at MIHS comes at a pivotal time in American history when many Americans now fear that their basic rights will be stripped away under a Donald Trump presidency. Continue reading “ACLU club: a starting point for student activism”

Mock election breakdown: results and trends

In a poll of 134 members of the MIHS student body last weekend, The Islander found a consistently Democratic trend in student opinion. Here’s the breakdown of our results. Click here to compare these results to those of King County’s mock election. King County Charter Amendment No. 2 Gender-Neutral Language Shall the King County Charter be amended to make its language gender-neutral? Initiative #1433 Initiative Measure No. … Continue reading Mock election breakdown: results and trends

Senior words of wisdom

Congratulations to this year’s graduating seniors! In case you missed it, below is a transcript of Ryan Jones’ commencement speech. To my brothers and sisters in the hands down undisputed greatest class to have ever done a senior skip day… in February, our class 2016. I’ve been watching plenty of commencement speech’s and they all start off with a bad joke and some obscure and overly … Continue reading Senior words of wisdom

A look back at the 2016 unified sports seasons

The MIHS unified basketball team concludes another successful season after placing fifth in the district tournament on Feb. 13. The team, with the help of junior Mitchell Meade, was formed last year for students with special needs and has continued to grow ever since. The season for the unified basketball team follows a similar schedule as that of other winter high school sports. It spans … Continue reading A look back at the 2016 unified sports seasons

A backstage look at Classical Chinese dance with Rae Wong

MIHS junior Rae Wong has been training in Classical Chinese dance and ballet since the eighth grade and has recently been honored several international awards for her dancing. After living in Beijing for three years, Wong returned to Mercer Island and discovered her passion for the art form in the beginning of the eighth grade. Wong sacrifices much for her passion. Four to five times … Continue reading A backstage look at Classical Chinese dance with Rae Wong

School account provides free download of Microsoft Office

Since 2013, MIHS students have had access to the latest Office programs for free through the Microsoft Student Advantage Program. This package includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote and the programs can be installed on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five smartphones. Excel, Outlook, and OneNote, are not used as often in high school, but have many applications both inside and outside … Continue reading School account provides free download of Microsoft Office

ASB candidate profile

[columns] [column size=”1/2″] President Luke Kenworthy I have three years of experience in our leadership program, including one year on ASB. I love serving this school. I greet people at the main entrance almost every morning and I co-created the MIHS Challenge of the Day. I am committed to making everyone feel included in our community. I want to create a culture where no one will feel excluded … Continue reading ASB candidate profile

School-wide Talent Show to be Held April 2

Q: How did you and Michael Sanchez decide to put on this show? Every year in leadership, everyone has to partner up and do something to further benefit the school. So, this year my partner was Michael Sanchez and we decided to put on a school-wide talent show. Michael and I are doing the majority of the work with the help of Mr. Hilen and Ms. … Continue reading School-wide Talent Show to be Held April 2

Photo courtesy Corinne Wheeler

Parking Misconceptions at MIHS Explained

While ongoing construction at Mercer Island High School has sparked many rumors about a parking shortage, the truth is, the City of Mercer Island requires that MIHS maintain the same total number of parking spaces during and after construction. The spaces, however, can be reallocated among faculty, staff, visitors, and students by school administration. According to MIHS Principal Vicki Puckett, there were 150 spaces dedicated to … Continue reading Parking Misconceptions at MIHS Explained