Commotion in the Classroom: The story behind the threat in Room 312

By Ellie Gottesman and Isabel Funk

Two days before winter break, students were eagerly packing their bags as the school day drew to a close. The past two weeks had left students feeling restless and ready for a break from the strained school environment, created by the multiple student-initiated threats. The students in room 312, Kit McCormick’s class, felt the tension just the same. Continue reading “Commotion in the Classroom: The story behind the threat in Room 312”

Threats to MIHS: The Definitive Timeline

By Lucille Shield, Dylan Notturno and Grady Short

Throughout December, MIHS students, staff and the surrounding Mercer Island community experienced a multitude of “jokes” taken too far. In a short period of time, students made violent threats against the high school on three separate occasions, causing a mix of emotions among the student body: fear, anxiety, frustration, naïveté and bravery. Continue reading “Threats to MIHS: The Definitive Timeline”

IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE: Controversial signs posted on campus

By Islander Staff

This morning upon their arrival at school, MIHS staff and students were greeted by a number of signs posted outdoors on campus reading “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.” This slogan has been used frequently by white nationalist groups and sympathizers as a means of preserving a racial identity that they feel has come under attack.

Continue reading “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE: Controversial signs posted on campus”

Analysis: The Art of Résumé Padding

By Grady Short

Every year the college admissions process gets harder. Acceptance rates drop, expectations go up, and students compete more fiercely than ever in their academic and extracurricular pursuits — an issue that MIHS’s culture of fierce competition only exacerbates. It comes as no surprise, then, that some students attempt to take shortcuts when trying to look their best for admissions departments. Continue reading “Analysis: The Art of Résumé Padding”

ACLU club: a starting point for student activism

Juniors Katy Spencer and Sam Bailey, president and vice-president of the American Civil Liberties Union at Mercer Island High School, started the club this school year for students who have an interest in learning about and fighting for civil liberties. The establishment of the club at MIHS comes at a pivotal time in American history when many Americans now fear that their basic rights will be stripped away under a Donald Trump presidency. Continue reading “ACLU club: a starting point for student activism”