What Comes After the Women’s March for Gender Equality?

By Annika Bhananker and Annie Poole

In hundreds of cities across the country, many protesters took to the streets for the 2018 Women’s March in an act of unity. but many young activists are continuing the movement by creating tangible change within the community throughout the whole year. Continue reading “What Comes After the Women’s March for Gender Equality?”

A History of Mistreatment in the Workplace

By Joy Francke

Events in the last hundred years have built up the pressure that led to the recent cultural eruption of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Women have faced a dark and disturbing reality since first entering the workplace. Today, women are finally speaking out against the sexual harassment and abuse of power perpetuated by their male colleges. However, this abuse is in no way a new phenomenon. Society has come a long way since 1920, when women were told to simply quit their jobs if they could not handle the sexual abuse, yet there is still a long way to go. Continue reading “A History of Mistreatment in the Workplace”

Trump Defunds Sanctuary Cities, Including Seattle

By Annika Bhananker

Five days after the 2017 inauguration, President Trump signed an executive order to defund sanctuary cities across the nation. The ongoing battle between local authorities and the Trump administration is still continuing despite several federal rulings against the order, forcing sanctuary cities such as Seattle to comply with the proposed immigration laws or risk losing a significant portion of federal funding.= Continue reading “Trump Defunds Sanctuary Cities, Including Seattle”

Commotion in the Classroom: The story behind the threat in Room 312

By Ellie Gottesman and Isabel Funk

Two days before winter break, students were eagerly packing their bags as the school day drew to a close. The past two weeks had left students feeling restless and ready for a break from the strained school environment, created by the multiple student-initiated threats. The students in room 312, Kit McCormick’s class, felt the tension just the same. Continue reading “Commotion in the Classroom: The story behind the threat in Room 312”

Threats to MIHS: The Definitive Timeline

By Lucille Shield, Dylan Notturno and Grady Short

Throughout December, MIHS students, staff and the surrounding Mercer Island community experienced a multitude of “jokes” taken too far. In a short period of time, students made violent threats against the high school on three separate occasions, causing a mix of emotions among the student body: fear, anxiety, frustration, naïveté and bravery. Continue reading “Threats to MIHS: The Definitive Timeline”