Your six step guide to the perfect Super Bowl viewing party


Super Bowl 50 is here! Since the Seahawks aren’t playing in the big game this year, many Seattleites may not be tuning in to watch this afternoon. However, the Super Bowl is an amazing opportunity to spend time with friends and family, and an excuse to eat fun food. Here is a list of Super Bowl viewing party must-haves that will make the game just as fun as if the Seahawks were playing.

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pretzel bites

Step one is always food. Always. No party, no matter how casual, can survive without snacks. Some Super Bowl favorites include chips and dip, festive cupcakes, and team-color M&Ms.

doritos cowboy kid

Step three is to watch the commercials. Companies pay millions of dollars to get their commercial on air during the Super Bowl, so don’t fast forward! For a fun game, guests can rate commercials on a scale of boring to unforgettable. Some recurring commercials to look out for are the Victoria’s Secret models playing football, a crazy Coke commercial, and many, many car advertisements.

super bowl decorations

Step five is to go crazy with the themed decor. Make a banner with your friends, and curate a pumping Super Bowl playlist. Creating a spirited atmosphere will bring any viewing party to the next level.


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who will win

Step two is to raise the stakes. Real gambling is stressful, but a little bit of rivalry makes parties fun. Before the game, try making everyone choose a team to bet on, and the losers buy the winners ice cream after the game. If everyone is wanting to include some real betting, you could all look at somewhere like Indiana sportsbooks and place down a little bet to see who’s the victor.

broncos swag

Step four is to go big in the attire department. Jerseys, scarves, socks, and temporary tattoos are fun, reusable, and are a huge spirit boost.


The final step is to watch the halftime show! Beyonce is this year’s entertainer, so don’t miss out! Watching the show from home will be just like going to a concert, only better, because there are festive cupcakes and a couch to watch from!



The Super Bowl only happens once a year, and it’s an excuse to eat football food, watch sports, and enjoy the company of friends and family. Don’t worry if your team isn’t playing, just invite some pals over and enjoy the event.

Thumbnail photo credit Star Tribune