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MIHS Drama’s “Little Women”

MIHS Dramas Little Women
MIHS Drama

Mercer Island High School’s production of Little Women is a charming and intimate rendition of a beloved classic which was executed really well by the cast and crew.

The story of Little Women follows the March family through their experiences with love, hardship, family and life. The story focuses on the sisterly dynamic of the four March sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy 

The setting of the play was  homey and intimate, as the audience was viewing from up on stage with the actors. What we especially loved about this portrayal, was that an older, “future” Jo, played by Izzy Ferrari, was the narrator, and is actively seen on stage watching and describing the show. This aspect immensely contributed  to the close feel and environment of the play, which was by far our favorite addition.

One thing that  fell short was the relationship between Meg and Mr. Brooks which lacked chemistry and emotion. There was no backstory in the leadup to the two of them getting married and having kids. The two portrayed awkward courting during the beginning of the production that left us confused over the speed in which their engagement happened after the intermission. Leaving both of their characters feeling unimportant to the plot. 

Our favorite characters in this rendition were Amy, played by Kat Marsh, and Marmie, played by Noga Ten-Ami. Amy is the youngest of the March sisters and known for being extremely rebellious. Her character development is evident throughout the play, as we see her mature and take on responsibilities. Her young and rebellious spirit subtly evolves to being more mature and sensible closer to her engagement to Laurie, played by Giovee Roque.  Our other favorite character that stood out was Marmie. Marmie is the mother of the March daughters and became very central to the story. We loved her portrayal of motherhood, and Ten-Ami did a great job exhibiting Marmie’s classic, well loved character. 

As for the romantic aspects of the play, we thought the relationship between Amy and Laurie was a plot point that was really well executed. The set up for Amy and Laurie’s relationship was meticulous, and the romance did not feel forced or awkward, as it often does, with quick plot twists like this. When Amy meets Laurie in Paris while on vacation with Aunt March, we see the relationship build from their time spent together, eventually leading to their engagement and marriage. The chemistry was evident between Amy and Laurie and we found the same chemistry was noticeable with Jo, played by Mia Vorkoper, and her romantic interest Professor Bear, played by Kyle Gerstel, later in the show. This was another very quick plot point that was allocated for and loved by the audience.

The Drama department’s Little Women was a compelling performance, and you can go see it Feb. 8 through Feb.10. 

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