MIHS Softball Loses to Kentlake


Sophia Pacecca

A Mercer Island batter prepares to swing at a softball. Photo courtesy Sophia Pacecca.

Lexi Krawiec, Staff Writer

MIHS Girls Softball team was defeated 22-12 by Kentlake in their second game of the season, on March 24.

“We just stuck with it,” junior Sophia Pacecca said. “[In] our stamina, we came out strong,” junior Sophia Pacecca said.

She also thought they utilized the stronger aspects of the team, particularly defense and pitching from Annabel Little, to help them throughout the game.

They came into the game strong but began to struggle more when Kentlake became more adjusted to their pitching and started to get more hits.

“We’ve always lacked in communication, but you know that’s what practice is for,” Pacecca said.

A highlight of the game was the home run hit by sophomore Nicole Henderson in the second inning. She hit past the fence into left field in the second inning. The moment was uplifting for the team and regardless of the loss, the energy was high the entire game.

“Oh we’re having fun, it’s probably one of the best seasons we’ve had so far,” Pacecca said.

The team is excited for their upcoming games and feels good about the rest of the spring.

“We have this beautiful field to play on for once and we’re just pretty excited to do this. To work [on going] forward, [is] just our energy and just coming out strong,” Pacecca said. “We’re here to play and here to win, that’s all we can do.”

MIHS Girls Softball’s next game will be away at Bellevue on March 31.