MIHS Softball Defeats Vashon In Their Season Opener


Tulin Alrouk

A Mercer Island batter prepares to swing at a softball.

Julia Weisfield, Staff Writer

The Mercer Island Girls Softball team effortlessly trampled Vashon High School by a score of 20-10 in a long game on March 20, featuring high energy, good sportsmanship and great hitting.

The game started off strong with junior captain Joey Lurie pitching. Energy stayed consistent throughout the two-and-a-half hour game and the score continued to increase in the Islanders’ favor.

“There were a lot of people playing new positions, so it got a little stressful. But everybody played great and picked it up when we were getting down,” Lurie said.

This year was the first time that the Mercer Island Girls Softball team has been given their own fields to practice and play on, finally getting to call one of the South Mercer Playfields “their turf.” As one of the first games on the new South Mercer Playfields, it was a very successful start to their season and the team looks forward to more victories. However, Lurie did identify some things that the team could improve upon in their upcoming games.

“We could definitely do a better job just keeping our head in the game, so we were supportive of each other but we got a little nervous on the field,” Lurie said. “Definitely staying positive was a strength, but again this is a team that we should’ve easily beat.”

Around halfway through the game, energy started to drop and hitting became somewhat inconsistent, but each member continued to persevere and create a win for the team. Each player was engaged and working hard throughout the entire game, including some junior varsity members who contributed to the win.

Not only did Lurie’s pitching help lead the team to victory , but junior Sophia Pacecca also had  a stand-out performance with hitting towards the end of the game. The game ended with a score of 20-10, locking in a win and allowing Mercer Island Girls Softball to start their season with a bang.