MIHS Girls Basketball Beats Interlake

Kira Lancaster, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Dec. 14, the MIHS Girls Varsity Basketball team triumphed against Interlake with a 67-30 win.

“This game felt really good,” freshman Anna Mock said. “Scoring 67 points in a game is great.”

Mercer Island remained in the lead the entire time, and ended the first quarter 23-9. Mock herself scored 12 points in the game, the second-highest scoring player in the entire game.

The players did extremely well, notably co-captain Caitlin Monahan who scored 15 points, and freshman Aaliyah Khan who scored 9 points and a ton of rebounds. At halftime, Mercer Island was winning 40-18.

“A play that stood out to me was when one of our guards read the pass and got a fast break layup,” Mock said. “We are strong offensively and [good at] putting points on the board.”

The third quarter ended 49-26. Although the Islanders were ahead by 23 and doing incredibly well, they did not lose energy or determination and continued to play to their best.

“Next game I want to focus on anticipating the passes and being in the passing lanes more to get more steals,” Mock said.

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