Remembering Stanley Ann Dunham: MIHS Commemorates the Mother of Barack Obama

Emily Dunn, Staff Writer

Commemorating Late Stanley Ann Dunham’s 80th Birthday

On Tuesday, Nov. 28, the Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Fund hosted a ceremony commemorating what would have been Dunham’s 80th birthday.

Stanley Ann Dunham’s family moved to Seattle in 1955 before moving on to Mercer Island in 1956 for the sole purpose of attending the new Mercer Island high school. In high school Dunham was known for challenging the status quo and being wise beyond her years. She graduated from MIHS in 1960 before moving to Hawaii with her family.

Dr. Dunham’s legacy lives on through the Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Fund which “seeks to support female identifying young women who show a commitment to the principles through their academic studies and volunteerism that Dr. Dunham personified during her life,” said Dr. Michelle Flowers-Taylor, board chair of this organization.

MIHS student Brooks Kahsai spoke along with Dr. Flowers-Taylor, board chair of the Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Fund, and Al Doggett, mural artist.

“Dunham was a pioneer of her time. She was an activist, a mother to multiple children of color in a time when that was practically unheard of, a dedicated scholar and a number of other choice words,” Kahsai said.

Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham’s meaningful life has led to this organization and scholarship which mentors and encourages young female identifying women to be leaders and activists in their communities and world.