Varsity Boys Tennis Remains Undefeated This Season


Ryan Hsi

Photo Courtesy Ryan Hsi

Eli An, Staff Writer

The MIHS Boys Varsity Tennis team ended their fall season with an overwhelming overall score of 14-0, making them ranked number one in the KingCo Athletics tennis standings.

During each game, the teams would rarely lose a point to the opponent’s team.

“I think the thing that made us do so well is the team chemistry that we had, we worked together during practice,” Sophomore varsity tennis player Jack Hillberg said.

The team worked really well together during doubles matches. The coaches are always staying positive to the players hoping to win the next point.

“We were serious about our playing but we also had fun at the same time,” Hillberg said. “I think it’s the seniors first undefeated season, so it’s awesome especially for those seniors to have left on such a good note before they leave.”

The team improved a lot in both singles and doubles plays, coached by the head coach Ron Akins.

“It means a lot seeing the seniors that I’ve played with for a long time being happy to be dominant and doing well against other people,” Varsity tennis player Junior Nathen Wen said. “A lot of them have been here since their freshman years.”

After this season, ten seniors will say farewell to the Varsity team making space for more players to start moving up in next year’s upcoming season.

“It’s a gigantic achievement,” Hillberg said. “We’re gonna have more leadership coming up next season.”

The MIHS Boys Varsity Tennis team is looking forward to playing better and getting more next season.