MIHS Girls Volleyball Claims Victory Against Juanita

Tulin Alrouk, Staff Writer

The Mercer Island Girls Varsity Volleyball team claimed victory after defeating Juanita in a 3-0 triumph, on Tuesday Oct. 18.

With the spirit and positivity of the MIHS volleyball players, the team started the first set strong with a win of 25-5.

“It was super fun, especially having everyone play. I know in some games that’s hard [but] seeing people that don’t really get as much playing time [and] cheering them on and watching them get kills, and the bench energy was amazing!” junior Logan Remington said.

After the loss to Lake Washington last Thursday, the Islanders were very joyful to have claimed their win in this match. The Islanders easily cemented their victory, scoring 25-6 in the second set and 25-11 in the third.

Despite the lopsided scoreline, Juanita still improved throughout the sets.

“Everyone is super nice and super sweet, and it’s just a really fun team to be with,” Remington said.

With the Islanders celebrating their achievement in the game, Remington shares her gratitude and love for the team, as well as diving into aspects they could further improve on as a team.

“I think we have [a] really really good team dynamic, [but] I think we can communicate maybe a little more on this court?,” she said.

Despite their loss to Mercer Island, Juanita’s morale did not waiver as they pushed through, improving their scores higher throughout the sets.

The Islanders hope to win in a home game against their rivals, Lake Washington, on Thursday Oct. 20.