Facing Nolan: 27 Years of Greatness, One Night Only


Photo Courtesy Chuck Anderson/Wikipedia Commons

Marley MacDonald, Staff Writer

Former MLB pitcher Nolan Ryan, known amongst many as the greatest pitcher of all time, is featured in the new documentary “Facing Nolan,” an outstanding two hours depicting Ryan’s life and legacy.

“Facing Nolan” brings baseball fans nostalgia and awe, while simultaneously engaging and educating non-baseball fans. Whether you are a die-hard supporter of the game, or have not seen as much as a T-Ball team play, you will be enthralled by this modern take on a classic game.

The film captures Ryan’s legacy to baseball and his unbelievable achievements: 5,714 strikeouts, seven no-hitters, 324 wins and 27 seasons of pitching. However, Ryan’s story consists of much more than just baseball. When Ryan leaves the clubhouse after games, he transitions from a world-renowned pitcher to a Texan, rancher, husband and dad. “Facing Nolan” provides a thought-provoking insight into Ryan’s life outside of baseball.

Ryan’s presence in the film is more than enough to entertain an audience, and the film captures countless stars in both baseball and the U.S. as a whole. Players like George Brett, Rod Carew and Bo Jackson make countless appearances in the film. MLB players aren’t the only stars in this film, as President George W. Bush makes many remarks about his experience owning the Rangers and his friendship with Ryan.

This fascinating film is one that so many can enjoy. However, the movie’s limited marketing prevented many fans from being aware of its presence, and shockingly, it was only shown in theaters for one night. Theaters throughout Texas— Ryan’s home state— were flooded with viewers. Elsewhere, there was still empty space left in theaters due to the movie’s small-scale advertising. 

Post-premiere of “Facing Nolan”, many baseball fans are upset not to have booked a ticket to this single-night show. Optimistically, we can hope that “Facing Nolan” will make its way to on-demand services in the near future, as many are still eager to watch.

“Facing Nolan” shows the story of an underdog who rises to stardom, and teaches baseball fans more about one of the most talented pitchers to ever approach the mound. Ryan is well known for his remarkable talent, and the film perfectly captures many significant moments of his career. Moreover, “Facing Nolan” shows fans who Ryan is, not only as a player, but as a person. This in-depth look at Ryan’s life provides a new perspective of pitching, and proves that baseball is so much more than a game.