MIHS Girls Water Polo Defeats Rival Bellevue


Caroline Capuano

Goalie Julia Sommerfield prevents a Bellevue score.

Mercer Island Girls Water Polo beat Bellevue 13-3 Thursday night, April 17 at the Mary Wayte pool.

Starting in offense, the Islanders captured and sustained a great lead over Bellevue, scoring goal after goal. 

A spectator mentioned that this had been the biggest turnout of the season, and that she thought the support from the community helped the girls play better. 

As the game progressed in the humid pool, MI stayed strong with their lead, especially with help from Mercer’s Goalie Julia Sommerfield— executing some swift and powerful blocks against the Bellevue girls.

The ball stayed on Bellevue’s side as the second half of the game continued – Mercer Island confidently kept the ball alongside their players with effortless passes. 

MI swing freshman AJ Azeem thinks that there’s always room for improvement.

“We could communicate a little better, but overall, I think we did pretty good,” Azeem said.

But, a win is a regular occurrence for her and the team.

“This was a pretty regular game for us, we are a pretty solid team,” Azeem said.

As the game came to a close, teammates started to congratulate each other as Mercer Island expectedly took the win after leading strong throughout the game with 13 points to Bellevue’s three.