Sun Shines on MI Girls Tennis Rivalry Win

Gracie Hennessy and Abby Weiss

Mercer Island Girls Tennis came out on top 5-2 in a rivalry match against Bellevue on Tuesday, March 22. 

The team’s third victorious match of the year fell on the first 60-degree day of 2022: a warm addition to the team’s record. 

“MIGT played pretty well and showed resilience and integrity against a tough competitor,” senior Mira Patel said. “Our support for each other is unmatched and you will always see us cheering for one another.” 

The games were filled with aggressive serves, communication in doubles matches, and close tiebreakers. There were also several standout individual performances.

“Rachel Garton, our #1 player and star freshman, played a three-hour match, losing in a tight tiebreaker. She inspires us all every day and never gives up.” Patel said.

Although the Islanders’ season has just begun, Patel expressed her excitement for the team’s upcoming matches and the possibility of another undefeated year. 

“I love our spirit and drive on the court every single day. Last year we were undefeated and we are definitely trying to hold that title again,” Patel said.