MIHS Choir to Perform in All-District Performance


Photo Courtesy MIHS Choir

Jordan Balousek and Shannon Rogan

The MIHS Choir will perform in an all-district performance tonight, at 7 p.m. in the MIHS gymnasium for the first time in person since March of 2019. 

“Last year we did a virtual all-district choir which is really fun, but it doesn’t give the same experience as everyone seeing each other perform and the excitement you can feel in the room,” choir teacher Annalise Rockow said.

The choir will be performing songs that were a part of their Singing Valentine fundraiser, and will also be performing various songs that they previously performed at the Eastshore Region Festival. There will also be a repertoire of performances from the middle school and elementary school choirs. 

There will also be a song performed by all of the students collectively. 

“It’s called Ubuntu, and it’s a South African philosophy that basically means a person is a person by and through other people,” Rockow said. “It’s all about the connection.”

The students and teachers are thrilled to perform tonight. 

“It’s really exciting to be back in the same room together and enjoy the music together,” Rockow said.