MIHS Girls Basketball Falls to Lake Washington


Photo by Maddie Gaspers

Maddie Gaspers, Staff Writer

Mercer Island Girls Basketball team lost 32-71 to the Lake Washington Kangaroos at a home quad night on Dec. 3, 2021.

MIGB had a tough first half, scoring only four points in the first quarter and ten more in the second. 

“I think our energy was really good, especially in the second half,” freshman Anna Marsh said. “We brought so much better intensity because the first half was kinda slow.”

During halftime, the team went back into the locker room to review their performance. Following that, they improved in the third period.

“Our talk in the locker room was really good and we just kinda brought intensity back into the court and it went pretty well in the second half,” Marsh said.

However, the Islanders’ efforts were not enough to overcome their sizable deficit. By the end of the fourth period, the score was 32 to 71, with MIGB scoring 18 second-half points compared to the Kangaroo’s 27.

After the game, the team discussed their plays with each other and further analyzed what needs to improve.

“I think what our team can do is maybe we could slow down [and] take control,” Marsh said. “We gotta just be able to get some ball reversals and just slow down.”

The MIHS Girls Basketball team is ready to dominate their next home game on Dec. 8 against Hazen.