MIHS Volleyball Defeats Juanita in Senior Night Victory


Photo by Asha Woerner

Asha Woerner, Sports Editor

MIHS Volleyball said a bittersweet goodbye to five impactful seniors before their 3-0 triumph over Juanita, Wednesday, Oct. 27.

The team started the first set with a rough start, but came back strong with a win of 25-17. 

“I think that we played really well, and I think that we were going off emotions in the beginning, but then we came back and we really played,” senior captain Lily Remington said.

The last two sets were sweeping with scores of 25-14 and 25-8. Each set displayed clear improvement, confirming MIHS Volleyball’s dominance. 

“The fact that we won this game by so much, I was really proud,” Remington said. “We really played well and I think we all played for the seniors which was great.”  

The team celebrated and gave flowers to seniors Campbell Burr, Spencer Elwell, Lily Remington, Julia Hauge and Anantika Mannby. MIHS players gave the seven Juanita seniors flowers as well.

Emotions were high between players and parents, as the underclassman players shared poems that they had written for their senior teammates. 

“I’ve been playing varsity for three years now, so it’s all a little sad,” Remington said. 

For the Remington family in particular, Wednesday’s match was truly a special one. Lily and her sister Logan, a sophomore, were able to play one last home varsity match together. 

“[Emotions] were all over the place, to say the least,” Remington said. “I hadn’t ever thought that I would get to play with her and it was super fun to be able to get that.”

MIHS volleyball currently holds a record of 4-5 and will finish their season Monday, Nov. 1, at Liberty at 7pm.