MIHS Girls Soccer Triumphs Over Bellevue in Rivalry Game


Jackson Chang, Staff Writer

The MIHS Girls Soccer defeated Bellevue 3-1 on Oct. 5, 2021, ending Bellevue’s unbeaten streak against Mercer Island since 2018.

In the beginning, the Islanders got a lucky block with the ball, as goalie number one, Katie Evans, just barely tipped the ball outside of the goal. At minute nine, Audrey Kris scored the first goal of the game. However, Bellevue was quick to reciprocate and tied the score before the half. 

Early into the second half of the game, MI scored another early goal, bringing the score to 2-1. With Bellevue on the offensive side, Katie Pedersen scored from around the 35-yard line. With each team desperate to score before time ran out, the game ended with the Islanders winning 3-1, ending their losing streak against the Bellevue Wolverines. 

“I’m really proud of the way that the team worked, I think in the end it came down to who wanted [to win] it more,” senior captain Addie Waterman said.  “We came into the game knowing how much this meant to us, and I think the team really pulled together. It was definitely a team win.” 

The Islanders always strive to improve, even more so since the quarantine ended. However, beating Bellevue was a major step into a great season, revealing their strong teamwork. 

“I think just continuing to communicate and work as a team, I think it’ll be a great season if we keep doing that,” Waterman said.

The Mercer Island spirit stood strong with all of the encouraging shouts. Opposite of what happened at the Mercer Island-Bellevue football game, the students of Mercer Island showed respectful sportsmanship, emphasizing their ability to host a rivalry game where everyone has fun. 

“It’s just great, you know, like when we score a goal and just all the time, the constant support [and] just knowing that you’re not just playing for yourself, but your school and representing your school,” Waterman said.

The Islanders’ next game will be away against Lake Washington High School, Thursday, Oct 7.