MIHS Girls Volleyball Defeats Skyline in Home Opener


Photo Courtesy Claes-Fredrick Mannby

Kate Grove, Opinions Editor

Wednesday, September 8, the MIHS Girls Volleyball team defeated Skyline 3-0, a victory that showed off their energized nature early in the season.

The team started out strong, winning their first set 25-21, and setting the tone for the rest of the night, where the Islanders won each of the three sets played.

“I think that this was one of our best matches […] in a long time,” junior Sophie Prock said. “We haven’t had a good, energized match [for a while], and this was a good way to start [the season] off.”

Wednesday’s match was often very tight, with both teams putting forward impressive performances.

On the court, captain Lily Remington, junior Leila Obeidat and sophomore standout Melena Wong were consistent presences throughout every set. MIHS rode these players’ strong energy to close out the match with a comeback win in the third set.   

“[We] had really good energy throughout the team,” Prock said. “We had connections, good talking, [and] good communication.”

While the team put forward a strong showing in their first game of the season, they have identified areas with room for improvement.

“[We] can really improve on our passing,” Prock said. “I think that’s definitely what we’ll be working on in practice tomorrow.”

The MIHS Girls Volleyball team is now hoping to improve to 2-0 and ride this energy to victory in their next home competition against Issaquah.

The Mercer Island-Issaquah match will take place Monday, Sept. 13 at 7pm.