Mercer Island Girls Basketball Defeats Bellevue in Rivalry Game


Sophie Prock, Staff Writer

In their first matchup since last season, the Mercer Island Girls Basketball team defeated the Bellevue Wolverines 50-37, Friday, April 23. 

The Islanders led for the majority of the game, but the competition was strong and both teams were hungry for a win.

“[There was lots of] mental preparedness,” sophomore Lauren Monahan said. “We watched a lot of their film to prepare and see what they ran offensively and defensively.” 

Both teams played incredibly aggressive, as fouls were being called left and right. However, emotions on the court were expected, since the Islanders and the Wolverines are longtime rivals.

“As rivals, there’s always a good competition between [shooters and guards],” Monahan said. 

Because the game was played on a Friday night and preceded a Boys Basketball game, there was a significant number of distanced fans in MIHS gym. However, much of the players’ spirit came from internal enthusiasm and competitiveness.

For Monahan, playing alongside her sister, Caitlin, has definitely increased her overall enjoyment of the game.

“There’s always a bit of competitiveness, just between [my sister and I], because we always want to be better than each other,” Monahan said. “But I love playing with her, it’s just so much fun.”

After Friday’s game, the Islanders will advance to 4-0, and will try to extend their winning streak for as long as possible. The team’s next four games will be against the teams they have already played, including a rematch against Bellevue on May 5.

Until then, the Islanders will prepare for their upcoming matchups and will look to continue performing at a high level for the second half of their season.