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Community Demands Change to Curriculum in Response to Recent Black Lives Matter Protests

A BLM protester in Bellevue this past weekend. Photo by Annie Poole

The following letter was sent to Mercer Island School District stakeholders on June 4 in an attempt to encourage district-wide curriculum change. The letter was signed by over 1,000 community members.

Mercer Island School District Board

June 3rd 2020

4160 86th Avenue SE

Mercer Island, WA 98040

Dear Superintendent Colosky, Board Members of the Mercer Island School District, and MISD Principals,

We write to you as MISD students, alumni, teachers, staff, and parents. We write to respectfully insist that MISD (i) crafts a comprehensive curricula plan to address systemic racism, police brutality, and privilege at all levels of education; (ii) develops that plan with the Mercer Island community; and (iii) implements the updated curricula by the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. 

As you are aware, major protests have broken out across the country and your students are participating in them – including in Seattle and Bellevue – in the wake of a policeman’s videotaped murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The American people are heartbroken and angry at the loss of another Black life at the hands of police, and they are speaking up powerfully. 

Conversations and education about endemic racism must not only take place in the streets. Competitive and wealthy districts, including MISD, have a responsibility to examine the roles that privilege and bias play within its walls. MISD is a predominantly white school district and community. Students should be encouraged to examine and question their own role in supporting structural racism, and the ways in which it benefits the majority of the student body. 

MISD has the power and responsibility to broaden students’ understanding of the world. And it must. MISD takes pride in preparing the next generation of leaders, and those leaders must understand how far our country is from racial equity. 

In Superintendent Colosky’s email to the MISD community addressing George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent protests, she writes, “Our Equity and Diversity policy commits our educational system to focusing on addressing issues around racial diversity as it remains a key issue in American society.” 

Now, we are asking to see the Equity and Diversity policy enacted through visible and concrete methods. 

After discussion with our peers, we created a preliminary list of items we would like to see realized in our classrooms. Although this list is not exhaustive, we are asking that you take these ideas into consideration and release updated standards across all classrooms and grade levels. 

  • Acknowledge the lack of racial diversity in the general population of Mercer Island and the lack of racial diversity among the students and staff in MISD. Discuss the many forces creating this reality and its impacts on the classroom environment. Make conscious efforts to recruit and hire racially diverse teachers and staff. 
  • Teach and use the appropriate terminology and theories to discuss race, such as “white privilege,” “identity,” “intersectionality,” in conjunction with real-world examples of theoretical concepts. For example, real-world examples like redlining, racist banking policies, and wealth disparities based on race to illustrate the aforementioned terms.
  • Learn to unlearn internalized negative messages about Black or Brown people. Learn to acknowledge one’s own ignorance or blind spots. Encourage students to question their own preconceived notions and implicit biases.
  • Insist upon discussing current events as they relate to course material. For example, in  considering the historical moment we are currently living through, teachers may ask students to historically contextualize the disproportionate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Black communities. 
  • Critically evaluate textbooks and their role in upholding white supremacy and perpetuating single narratives. Teach media literacy and the impact of journalistic framing on an event. 
  • In History classes, acknowledge the multiperspectivity of history. Then, teach the history of minority groups from their perspectives by using primary sources and accounts.  
  • In English classes, update syllabi to include more literature by African American authors.
  • Encourage STEM classes to discuss racism and discrimination in respective fields. For example, highlight contributions of people of color. 
  • Invite activist groups and non-profit organizations dedicated to serving marginalized communities to MISD to supplement curricular learning.

We would like to recognize the teachers already engaging with anti-racist teaching methods. However, it should no longer be optional. We call on MISD to develop and implement concrete requirements, across all schools and grade levels, for teachers. 

At this moment in time, it can no longer be about saying the right thing; it is about doing the right thing. Words must be accompanied by sustained action. We are counting on you to take this on with us and to help us enact lasting change. 



Chris Werner Mochel (‘68)

Margaret Emerson Dreisinger (‘68)

Elizabeth Macklin (‘68)

Jill Cochrane (‘68)

Sue Steding (‘68)

Linda Baltrusis Bylsma (‘68)

Jody G. Bower, PhD (‘70)

Paula Nagan Spring (‘71)

Carl Vonder Haar (‘72)

Mark Machlis (‘72)

Miriam Kaplan Barnett (‘74)

Keith Cochran (‘74)

Dave Rumpf (‘74)

Lauri García (Rector) (‘75)

David Steuer (‘75)

Frank Schott (‘75)

Anne Pelzel (‘75)

Kathy Johnson (‘75)

Anne Paine Hayward (‘75)

Kimberly Hale (‘76)

Diane Tomita (‘76)

Eric. Tomita (‘76)

Sue-Dee Smart (‘78)

Cynthia Moulthrop Waliser (‘79)

Dana Hendel Morgan (‘79)

Maria Giammona (‘79)

Susan Raymond Vaughan (‘79)

Susan Cohen (‘79)

Joan (Butler) Qazi (‘79)

Jody Page (formerly Pepple) (‘79)

Kenneth Aldape (‘79)

Elizabeth Crill Robertson (‘81)

Salli Blackford (‘82)

John Parsell (‘83)

Kathleen Dorsett (Katie Short) (‘83)

Carolyn Counihan (‘84)

Adam Karl (‘85)

Debbie (Dorkin) Gliner (‘86)

Renee Herst (‘86)

Lisa Loop (‘87)

Dr. Annie Blais (‘87)

Kasey (Hansen) Davis (‘87)

Emily Kelly-Peterson (‘87)

David Parker (‘87)

Diane Hedlund (‘87)

Dana Howse Armstrong (‘87)

Troy Hullin (‘87)

Neil Weinstein (‘87)

Ilyse Wagner (‘87)

Maria Santulli (‘87)

Matt King (‘88)

Iris Saxer (‘88)

Kathy McDonald (‘89)

Andrea Watson (‘89)

Julie Brothers (née Davis) (‘90)

Lissa Lovell Tripp (‘90)

Anna Reichstein (‘91)

James D. Mavis (‘91)

Craig Weinstein (‘91)

Rachel Lenington (‘91)

Jonathan Warner (‘92)

Teri Campbell (‘92)

Sarah Mack (‘92)

Robin Li (‘92)

Keith Apperson (‘97)

Brandy Flaherty Evenson (‘98)

Tyler Besecker (‘99)

Elliott Prasse-Freeman (‘99)

Brett Tomita (‘01)

Justin Waldie (‘01)

Brittany Pettit (Smith) (‘02)

Kevin Cook (‘02)

Caitlin Keller (‘02)

Jessica Cree (Blakney) (‘02)

Erin Tilson Johnson (‘02)

Brandon Miller (‘02)

Whitney (Der Yuen) Hemker (‘02)

Stephanie E Monrean (‘03)

Beth Alterman (‘03)

Cameron Brousseau (‘03)

Jane Hammerstrom (‘03)

Alicia Teel (‘03)

Carly Burns (‘03)

Devan Kato (‘04)

Kirby Pratt (‘04)

Graham Buchanan (‘04)

Gretchen Soelling (‘04)

Lane Harmon Oliver (‘04)

Sarah Mann (‘04)

Laura Cordova-Sanchez (‘04)

Aviva Stein (‘04)

Jessica Mecellem (‘04)

Mikaila Gawryn (‘04)

Laurie Huey Chow (‘04)

Talia L. (‘04)

Rebecca Mann (Jess) (‘04)

Sean Grady (‘04)

Josh Corson (‘04)

Anjali Shrikhande (‘04)

Gabriel Marowitz (‘04)

Samantha Brotman (‘04)

Eulalie Jean Laschever (‘05)

Alanna Mednick (‘05)

Courtney Hampson (‘05)

Amanda Pile (‘05)

David Sandman (‘05)

Julie Cochran (‘05) 

Collin Sedlacek (‘05)

Mickel O’Bara (‘05)

Chelsea Spiro (‘05)

Chloe Etsekson (‘05)

Brian Govier (‘05)

Natalie Graham (‘05)

Chris Taylor (‘05)

Claire Giuliano (‘05)

Taylor Nelp (‘05)

Drew Easton (‘05)

Thomas O’Bara (‘05)

Stephen Gaeto (‘05)

Jacob Sonkin (‘05)

Phil Spitzer (‘05)

Taly Yeyni Friedman (‘05)

Eddie Carden (‘05)

Martina Lubetich (‘06)

David Stein (‘06)

Alina Misra (‘06)

Neil Shetty (‘06)

Ryan Dixon (‘06)

Natalie Young (‘06)

Jacy Horgdal (‘06)

Gabriella Gibson (‘06)

Emily Schultz (‘06)

Kelsey Pearson (‘06)

Michelle (Zajac) Carlton (‘06)

Kate Jiranek (‘06)

Paget Knebel (‘06)

Dani Alberstadt (‘06)

Erin Humphrey (‘06)

Rachel Meade (‘06)

Michelle Short (‘06)

Tim Ho (‘06)

Jenny Mohler (‘06)

Daniel Gronfein (‘06)

Natasha Lekwa (‘06)

Alyssa Martin (‘06)

Kelly Houtchens (‘06)

Shannon Clark (‘06)

Kelvin Lau (‘06)

Ryan Malone (‘06)

Kelsey Miller (‘06)

Tessa Briggs (‘06)

Melissa Baron (‘06)

Lindsey Franzi (‘06)

Teddy Black (‘06)

Erica Reiling (‘06)

Andrea Batra (‘06)

Makenzie Rosengreen (‘06)

Clayton Showalter (‘06)

Michelle Short (‘06)

Kael Kristof (‘06)

Christine (Rasmussen) Peterson (‘06)

Adeline Chan (‘06)

Raquel Isherwood (‘06)

Sara Ramsay (‘07)

Jessica (Mann) Heger (‘07)

Rachel (‘07)

Susie Flack (Chalker) (‘07)

Andy Shephard (‘07)

Ellis Harry (‘07)

Marina Briscoe (‘07)

Rebecca Sughrim (‘07)

Meghan Flaherty (‘07)

Peter Lambe (‘07)

Ahbra Moses (‘07)

Austin Bell (‘07)

Liam Dixon (‘07)

Emmett Weissman (‘07)

Tammy Soeun (‘07)

Aman Advani (‘07)

Arthur Ellis (‘07)

Cara McGough (‘07)

William Webster (‘07)

Holly Hancock (‘07)

Elizabeth Shevins (‘07)

Diane Schuman (‘07)

Fiona Dawn (‘07)

Myriam Sabbaghi (‘07)

Elizabeth Waesche (‘07)

Tomer Benami (‘07)

Arielle Corson (‘07)

Hikari Asami (‘07)

Adrienne Tierney (‘07)

Jillian Khalife (‘07)

Adria Shrikhande  (‘07)

Natalie Carlin (‘07)

Adriana (‘07)

JoAnne Lee (‘07)

Allison Welsh (Browne) (‘07)

David Marowitz (‘07)

Kiran Mathews (‘07)

Kevin Graber (‘07)

Mackenzie “ZZ” Quinn (‘07)

Anil Shrikhande (‘07)

Jane Leach (‘08)

Keegan Tomita (‘08)

Erin Gibson (‘08)

Suzi An (‘08)

Heather Mohler (‘08)

Beth Hancock (‘08)

Alyssa Chung (‘08)

Ethan Spiro (‘08)

Tiffani Louie (‘08)

Kathryn Rogers (‘08)

Naveed Naficy (‘08)

Lindsay (‘08)

Amy Wolfe (‘08)

Beth Laschever (‘08)

Erin Herrick (‘08)

Ross (‘08)

Allegra Condiotty (‘08)

Natalia P. (‘08)

Megan Sherer (‘08)

Rachel Cochran (‘08)

Lisa Blau-Elliott (‘08)

Hannah Bliss (‘08)

Lara Hubert (Felker) (‘08)

Jenny Vandenbelt (‘08)

Lora Mednick (‘08)

Kendra Maeser (‘08)

Christopher Yang (‘08)

Helen Strausz Jones (‘08)

Hannah Hedrick (‘08)

Ben Short (‘08)

Anna Levin (‘08)

Adam Bowen (‘08)

Andrew Meade (‘08)

Benjamin Glassy (‘08)

Anita Glassy (‘08)

Kirk Harbaugh (‘08)

Matthew Neely (‘08)

Lauren Sommer (‘08)

Alex Strong (‘08)

Rebecca Hall (‘08)

Katerina Graham (‘08)

Sean Perryman (‘08)

Charmaine Ma (‘08)

Micaela Wanzer (‘08)

Sherrie Hsu (‘08)

Tara Fulp (‘08)

Jonathan Stern (‘08)

Charles Wong (‘08)

Abby Trimble (‘08)

Elana Ladeuil (Kloss) (‘08)

Samantha Borselli (‘08)

Sally S (‘08)

Brian (‘08)

Carly Friend (‘08)

Joel Azose (‘08)

Samantha Maloof (‘08)

Nicole Mazzola (‘08)

Madelyn Bloom (‘09)

Ryan Samp (‘09)

Cameron Chinn (‘09)

Arielle Weinstein (‘09)

Stephanie Gastaldi (‘09)

Alia Hynek (‘09)

Gaby Barrios (‘09)

Billie Weller (‘09)

Julia Ball (‘09)

Michael Miller (‘09)

Chloe Snethen (‘09)

Tyler Benster (‘09)

Colin Ramsay (‘09)

David Bowman (‘09)

Erin Shay (‘09)

Rose Leavens (‘09)

Casey Smalley (‘09)

David Bowman (‘09)

Shayda Sanii (‘09)

Brianna Burrows (‘09)

Peter Fisher (‘09)

Mio Asami (‘09)

Robin Momii (‘09)

Monica Lee (‘09)

Olivia Witter (‘09)

Samantha Ruesch (‘09)

Caroline Stephens (‘09)

Allison Stoney (‘09)

Kendra Johnson (‘09)

Edward Page (‘09)

Lucas Eggers (‘09)

Roshni Chandrasekaran (‘09)

Grant Blumenstein (‘09)

Gabby Lane (‘09)

Rob Sotelo (‘09)

Hannah Rule (‘09)

Sanae Kato (‘09)

Katy Garrison (‘09)

Kelly Han (‘09)

Susan Schuman (‘09)

Ariel Leigh (‘09)

Nicole Reisman (‘09)

Stephanie Lau (‘09)

Nicole Thelan (‘09)

Stephanie Lau (‘09)

Saul Tilden (‘09)

Margaret Greutert (‘09)

Rosemary Leach (‘10)

Bonnie Nakatsu (Restione-Harris) (‘10)

Amalia Zager (‘10)

Quin Gier (‘10)

Ally Sharman (‘10)

Michael Lacker (‘10)

Jean Paul Tu (‘10)

Michael Jess (‘10)

Leah Johnson (‘10)

Matthew McNamara (‘10)

Sarah Peterson (‘10)

Brita Moore (‘10)

Madeleine McGuigan (‘10)

Ethan Young (‘10)

Ian Zhang (‘10)

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Olivia Wold (‘10)

Lexie Showalter (‘10)

Anatika Mannby (‘10)

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Aaron Wolfe (‘10)

Delphine Shenk (‘11)

Ben Ohringer (‘11)

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Charlotte Witter (‘11)

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Evan Moline (‘11)

Sheyda Afifi (‘11)

Adriana Levy (‘11)

Kasey Swedstedt (‘11)

Ryan Blumenstein (‘11)

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Caroline C. (‘11)

Clara Flaherty (‘11)

Hunter Stevenson (‘11)

Elizabeth Chang (‘11)

Edward Trimble (‘11)

Jenna (‘11)

Deanna Wiblitzhouser (‘11)

Wick Kaminski (‘11)

Ryan Tam (‘11)

Tahlia Tritton (‘12)

Dr. James Gendreau MD (‘12)

Evan Cottingham (‘12)

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Anna McKnight (‘12)

Jeanann Vuu (‘12)

Rachel Bowdle (‘12)

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Harry Spitzer (‘12)

Chris Chappelle (‘12)

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Kelly Logie (‘13)

Brenna Yost (‘13)

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Brynne Henry (‘13)

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Eliza Blanchette (‘13)

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Hannah McNamara (‘13) 

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Ben Dewhurst (‘14)

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Catherine Seifert (‘15)

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Shan-Tia Booker (‘16)

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Elan Ma (‘18)

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Lycia Tran (‘18)

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Katherine McCormick (‘18) 

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Emily Kim (‘18)

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Ella Warbrug (‘18)

Emi Olson (‘18)

Sam Bailey (‘18)

Beth Meyers (‘18)

Tess Hendelman (‘18)

Nicole Chen (‘18) 

Kathryn Ristuben (‘18)

Hannah Stewart (‘18)

Oliver Dowdell (‘18)

Gia Seese (‘18)

Lauren Ralph (‘18)

Karen Kodera (‘18)

Nat Amirfaiz (‘18)

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Tess Ritcey (‘18)

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Maeve Akins (‘18)

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Grayce Millard (‘18)

Jennifer Dao (‘18)

Chloe Michaels (‘18)

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Madeline Rowe (‘18) 

Sophie Feldman (‘18)

Carter Selman (‘18)

Shelby Burr (‘18)

Lewis Back (‘18)

Zack Gottesman (‘18)

Jonathan James (‘18)

Carmen Romero (‘18)

Olivia Harrington (‘18)

Xavier Xiong (‘18)

Aidan Dobson (‘18)

Thomas Latkowski (‘18)

Robert Weaver (‘18)

Zahra Sow (‘18)

Arwa Mokdad (‘18)

Sophia Tiscornia (‘18)

Jocie Thomson (‘18)

Charles Jansen (‘18)

Jessica Ramseyer (‘18)

Lindsey Lovsted (‘18)

Brinkley Holshouser (‘18)

Julia Graham (‘18)

Annika Evens (‘18)

Jackie Airut Murphy (‘18)

Fiona McCann (‘18)

Dana Berejka (‘18)

Tessa Guerra (‘18)

Caroline Faucher (‘18)

Sarah Crumrine (‘18)

Shelby Shepherd (‘18)

Mary Rose Vu (‘18)

Mark Lamin (‘18)

Carter Melick (‘18)

Colton Lake (‘18)

Serina Nguyen (‘18)

Caroline Harkins (‘18)

Ryland Shannon (‘18)

Samantha Bender (‘18)

Monica Wilson (‘18)

Kyle Bailey (‘18)

Stirling Yeadon (‘19) 

Leah Burrell (‘19)

Katie Parkinson (‘19)

Jillian Kasman (‘19)

Kathryn Yabes (‘19)

Abby Berman (‘19)

Victoria Osei-Tutu (‘19)

Cara Starnes (‘19)

Avery Borgford (‘19)

Kayla Mitchell (‘19) 

Eli Pruchno (‘19)

Hannah Z. Lebow (‘19)

Yve Sharples (‘19)

Emily Rowe (‘19)

Megan Vanderzanden (‘19)

Anita Zeng (‘19)

Artemis Kim (‘19)

Drew Deguchi (‘19)

Talia Morris (‘19)

Mya Levin (‘19)

Hannah Whobrey (‘19)

Garrett Leung (‘19)

Katie Hetzel (‘19)

Spencer Klein (‘19)

Anna Sham (‘19)

Hannah Kelley (‘19)

Grady Yuthok Short (‘19)

Lexi Shurygailo (‘19)

Emmeline Penn (‘19)

Mary Vanderwall (‘19)

Ryan Handler (‘19)

Nadia Lumba (‘19)

Kyle Pedersen (‘19)

Libby Egan (‘19)

Cameron Lee (‘19)

Mathi Ngamsiripol (‘19)

Brandon Hill (‘19)

Stella Goffman (‘19)

Cooper Scot Wilce (‘19)

Keathley Pinney Brown (‘19)

Tyler Robinson (‘19)

Kate Myklebust (‘19)

Ethan Schwartz (‘19)

Colette Li (‘19)

Lingxiao Shi (‘19)

Lauren Ball (‘19)

Nolwenn Dumont (‘19)

Peter Davis (‘19)

Gabbi Fenton (‘19)

Robert Dreyer (‘19)

Colin Bogar (‘19)

Charles Fischer (‘19)

Dakota Promet (‘19)

Celina Damico (‘19)

Ava Upson (‘19)

Ella Hensey (‘19)

Lina Winiski (‘19)

Hannah Hardisty (‘19)

Emily Christenson (‘19)

Nico Galvin (‘19)

Emma (‘19)

Lily Moughon (‘19)

Emily Kovarik (‘19)

Alex Quinlan (‘19)

Erica Shimizu (‘19)

Carina Williamson (‘19)

Moriah Reibman (‘19)

Edward Fischer (‘19)

Alyssa Watson (‘19)

Annie Poole (‘20)

Grace Vivien Zhang (‘20)

Harley Hunkapiller (‘20)

Chaz Carlson (‘20)

Maya Virdell (‘20)

Joy Francke (‘20)

Lila Shroff (‘20)

Madeleine Lee (‘20)

Tara Manhas (‘20)

Daniel Hankes (‘20)

Sarah Wang (‘20)

Caitlin Buri (‘20)

Brian Oppenheim (‘20)

Taylor Richards (‘20)

Maria Reyes (‘20)

Emma Poll (‘20)

Amelia Orth (‘20)

Maya Panida (‘20)

Hannah Bartley (‘20)

Lucy Whitney (‘20)

Natalie Chen (‘20)

Jack Dickinson (‘20)

Lauren Hunter (‘20)

Elyse Rice (‘20)

Rena Zhang (‘20)

Molly Cartwright (‘20)

Katherine Stoops (‘20)

Rina Li (‘20)

Kiran D’Souza (‘20)

Michael Ivanov (‘20)

Audrey Wen (‘20)

Derek Snyder (‘20)

Anika Iverson (‘20)

Grace Y. Zhang (‘20)

Elizabeth Bertram (‘20)

Pearl Rincon (‘20)

Claire Cheung (‘20)

Olivia Wen (‘20)

Simon Toribio (‘20)

Marissa Garrido (‘20)

Kaitlyn Hobson (‘20)

Josh Negrin (‘20)

Isabel Funk (‘20)

Justin Jradi (‘20)

Eli Yen (‘20)

Ashley Joseph (‘20)

Hannah Kris (‘20)

Quinn Casey (‘20)

Adam Parker (‘20)

Alex Wilson (‘20)

Boaz Malakoff (‘20)

Thomas Lee (‘20)

Scarlett Counihan (‘20)

Jill Jansen (‘20)

Anika Jansen (‘20)

Chloe Anbarcioglu (‘20)

Laine Hooper (‘20)

Kaitlyn Baccetti (‘20)

Sophia Ristuben (‘20)

Hailey Vandenbosch (‘20)

Ellie Gottesman (‘20)

Natalie Smith (‘20)

Hope Hendrick (‘20)

Sarah Hobson (‘20)

Addison Arvish (‘20)

Maya Groh (‘20)

Eren Kodera (‘20)

Anouk Orillon (‘20)

Emerey Sampson (‘20)

Alana Yang (‘20)

Liat Perlman (‘20)

Margot VanOrden (‘20)

Jasper Geer (‘20)

Tyler Hill (‘20)

Thomas Short (‘20)

Maya Kenck (‘20)

Maia Malakoff (‘20)

Lucy Cleator (‘20)

Polly Schaps (‘20)

Sara Federman (‘20)

Shifa Naeem (‘20)

Sophia Cero (‘20)

Sanjna Narayan (‘20)

Nima Bertram (‘20)

Amy Braman (‘20)

Mira Tang (‘20)

Juliana James (‘20)

Beatrice Lee (‘20)

Nate Wenzel (‘20)

Grace Olsen (‘20)

Auden Finch (‘20)

Zitong Wang (‘20)

Luna Chen (‘20)

Otto Sharples (‘20)

Sophie Denhard (‘20)

Ethan Millard (‘20)

Gabrielle Potts (‘20)

Oliver Schaaf (‘20)

Tristan Moore (‘20)

Benjamin Roe (‘20)

Sophia Kirmer (‘20)

Aleksandra Kogalovski (‘20)

Jai Maheshwari (‘20)

Gracie Burke (‘20)

Ava Wampold (‘20)

Amanda Wion (‘20)

Jenny McMillan (‘20)

Joe Gormley (‘20)

Claire Humphrey (‘20)

Katherine Bournelis (‘20)

Rachel (‘20)

Kathryn Orozco (‘20)

Chakri Swartz (‘20)

Kathryn Orozco (‘20)

Zoe Friedland (‘20)

Benjamin Flaherty (‘20)

Nate Wenzel (‘20)

Manisha Maru (‘20)

Mari Hanan (‘20)

Zoey Byers (‘20)

Liucija Raisys (‘20)

Lucas Moore (‘20)

Annika Bhananker (‘21)

Kate Francke (‘21)

Sophie Gottesman (‘21)

Emily Yang (‘21)

Caitlin Liang (‘21)

Abby Levine (‘21)

Wesley Ho (‘21)

Claire Yabes (‘21)

Claire Chatalas (‘21)

Mikayla Geisner (‘21)

Grace Galvin (‘21)

Susanna Lepow (‘21)

Caiden Fukano (‘21)

Elsa Lanctot (‘21)

Bella Hartman (‘21)

Madeline McElroy (‘21) 

William Spencer (‘21)

Jacob Grosof (‘21)

Charlie Latkowski (‘21)

Norah Evans (‘21)

Matthew Feldman (‘21)

Jessica Gearhart (‘21)

Munasip Ertakus (‘21)

Susana Blohm (‘21)

Brooke Comstock (‘21)

Josh Chang (‘21)

Madison Laurie (‘21)

Tahssya Avant (‘21)

Perrin Heuple (‘21)

Ethan Preston (‘21)

Nate Cadicamo (‘21)

Julia Lebow (‘21)

Jacob Berman (‘21)

Emma Brodsky (‘21)

Kaija Szylko (‘21)

Saphia Obeidat (‘21)

Abby Moeller (‘21)

Disha Shah (‘21)

Killian Finneran (‘21)

Cam Johnson (‘21)

Lucy Wollersheim (‘21)

Isabelle Sayer (‘21)

Jasmine Benepal (‘21)

Megan Clayville (‘21)

Max Malakoff (‘21)

Soha Mehta (‘21)

Sydney Schwartz (‘21)

Grace Wilson (‘21)

Benjamin Arturo Molina (‘21) 

Catherine Zurawski (‘21)

Ian Phan (‘21)

Avery Conder (‘21) 

Camilla Gaugush (‘21)

Lili Szafir (‘21)

Lea Hidaka (‘21)

Eden Voss (‘21)

Casey Amico (‘21) 

Joyce Zhang (‘21)

Sophie Finch (‘21)

Michelle Travis (‘21)

Grace Myklebust (‘21) 

Bill Wang (‘21)

Ryan Beebe (‘21)

Noah Hendelman (‘21)

Anna Perry (‘21)

Annika Vanderspek (‘21)

Madeline Way (‘21)

Carly Lightfoot (‘21)

John Novak (‘21)

Caitlyn Barber (‘21)

Sarah Fredrickson (‘21)

Julia Williamson (‘21)

Bryn Buist Haverkamp (‘21)

Audrey Nordstrom (‘21)

Katy Durner (‘21)

Justin Lesko (‘21)

Kevin Bai (‘21)

Anna Jacobs (‘21)

Miya Nakata (‘21)

Justin Shen (‘21)

Max Fischel (‘21)

Jenin Obeidat (‘21)

Shoko Wichman (‘21)

Harry Quinlan (‘21)

Kelly Hillard (‘21)

Thomas Wall (‘21)

Katie Anderson (‘21)

Nick Weiss (‘21)

Nima T (‘21)

Callie Moll (‘21)

Michelle Lyon (‘21)

Talia Fain (‘22)

Zoe (‘22)

Ellie Austin (‘22)

Evan Humphrey (‘22)

Gabe Gottesman (‘22)

Icy Micheau (‘22)

Lauren Wainwright (‘22)

Liv Talerman (‘22)

Max Hense (‘22)

Julia Hauge (‘22)

Cooper Gersch (‘22)

Kelly Cotter (‘22)

Emily Patacsil (‘22)

Ava Chatalas (‘22)

Eloise Fruehling (‘22)

Irene Malaguzzi (‘22)

Alex Levin (‘22)

Sabrina Nguyen (‘22)

Ally (‘22)

Anika Lechner Armitage (‘22)

Kyra Derato (‘22)

Vaiva Raisys (‘22)

Aina Maru (‘22)

Christopher Clark (‘22)

Aimee Graesser (‘22)

Tobías Glick (‘22)

Thorin Finch (‘22)

Julia (‘22)

Wesley Lill (‘22)

Lauren Wainwright (‘22)

Eli Nho (‘22)

Sophie Whobrey (‘22)

Emily Porter (‘22)

Samantha Bannach (‘22)

Cody Sanford (‘22)

Blair Destro (‘22)

Isabella Foood Wallin (‘22)

Matthew Kurt (‘22)

Liam Savage (‘22)

Sophia Dondisch (‘22)

Cailey Baron (‘22)

Lydia Wampold (‘22)

Colson Rimmer (‘22)

Finn Friedland (‘22)

Emily Guedel (‘22)

Alexandra Van Blerkom (‘22)

Brandon Bienstock (‘22)

Derek D’Souza (‘22)

Andrew Yeh (‘22)

Jan Schonander (‘22)

Saylor Graham (‘22)

Lainie Wion (‘23) 

Honor Warburg (‘23)

May Tran (‘23)

Nick Novack (‘23)

Charlotte Wood (‘23)

Raleigh (‘23)

Katherine Grove (‘23)

Milla Li (‘23)

Anouk Grandmougin (‘23)

Margaret Gallagher (‘23)

Sophia Prock (‘23)

Ashleigh Chapin (‘23)

Stella Szafir (‘23)

Nadia Marcou (‘23)

Garrett Lee (‘23)

Milo Mechem-Miller (‘23)

Sophie Fischel (‘23)

Yihui Liu (‘23)

Tessa Kim (‘23)

Aaron Lee (‘23)

Nick Novack (‘23)

Abigail Buist Haverkamp (‘23)

Nina Robinson (‘23)

Jonathan Aggar (‘23)

Sophia Rosales (‘23)

Braeden Nett (‘23)

Casey Feldman (‘23)

Maija Brandt (‘23)

Alexis Buchan (‘23)

Rachel Senn (‘23)

Abby (‘23)

Gina (‘23)

Priya Bhananker (‘23)

Camelee Yee (‘24)

Maria Zhang (‘24)

Josie Savage (‘24)

Diana Lein (‘24)

Samantha Pelter (‘24)

Elena Lill (‘24)

Taylor Holshouser (‘24)

Morgan Weiss (‘24)

Payton Blosch (‘24)

Hannah Zhou (‘25)

Naomi Do (‘25)

Joseph Galcin (‘25)

Maxwell Linke (‘26)

Walter Latkowski (‘26)

Julia Shang (‘26)

Trisha Choudhary (‘26)

Maya Talby (‘26)

Alanna Larson (‘26)

Mia Kinney (‘26)

Lilah Simpson (‘26)

Piper Friedland (‘26)

Parker Blosch (‘26)

Scout Bates (‘27)

Hadrian Finch (‘27)

Haley Robinson

Chela Saporta

Olivia Weber

James Shin

Stephanie Osterday

Kyle Bain

Kyle Moline

Siobhan lyons

Teachers & Staff

Gavin Cree (‘00, MIHS)

Patrick Rigby (‘00, Crest)

Kelsey Cochran (‘03, MIHS)

Hannah Frisch (‘13, MIHS) 

Elizabeth Dugan (‘15, MIHS)

Lee Jahncke (‘00, MIHS)

Corey Goelz (‘13, MIHS) 

Jennie Cameron King (‘88, MIHS, Parent of MISD Students)

Jami Blumenstein (‘81, MIHS, Parent of MISD Students)

Erin Bourguignon (‘10, MIHS)

Forrest Marowitz (‘09, MIHS)

Heather Chvany (MIHS, Parent of MISD Students)

Nate Larson (MIHS, Parent of MISD Student)

Cathy Ramsay (MIHS, Parent of MISD Students) 

Dani King (MIHS)

Parker Bixby (MIHS & IMS)

Creighton Laughary (MIHS)

Chris Twombley (MIHS)

Amanda Mattocks (MIHS)

Laura Totten (MIHS)

Alex Perry (MIHS)
Kati McConn (MIHS)

Patricia E. Weston (MIHS)

Greg Smiley (MIHS)

Lynn Wooldridge (MIHS)

Christine Kenyon (MIHS)

Becca Nitz (MIHS)

Lori Emery (MIHS)

Selamawit Shiferaw (MIHS, Crest, & Parent)

Kate Yoder (MIHS)

Michael Harper (Crest)

Grant Weed (MIHS)

Kyle McKenna (MIHS)

Holly Purcell (MIHS)

Jane Stafford (MIHS)

Melanie Vandenberg (MIHS)

Alida Mendes (MIHS)

Emily King (MIHS, Crest)

Kit McCormick (MIHS)

Emily Terry (MIHS)

Susan Sutherin (MIHS)

Yuliana Torres (MIHS)

Shannon Sue (MIHS)

Chantel Torrey (MIHS) 

Jamie Robertson (MIHS) 

Diane Nielsen (MIHS) 

Rachael Sterrett (MIHS)

Lara Fitzgerald (MIHS)

Larry Bencivengo (MIHS)

Deana Wiatr (MIHS)

Bernie Morris (MIHS)

Shannon Tapp (MIHS)

Jeffrey W. Randolph (MIHS)

Andrea Confalone (MIHS)

Dana Shephard (‘04, Former Staff Member at IMS)

Samantha McDaniel (‘16, IMS)

Vicky Mann (IMS)

Jan Brousseau (Substitute at IMS & MIHS)

Taylor Gall (IMS)

Alyssa Alexander (IMS)

Litza Johnson (IMS)

Caitlin Motter (IMS)

Melissa Gaffney (IMS)

Karin Hummel (IMS)

Emily Mills (IMS)

Alyson Kluskowski (IMS)

Karla Rimmer (IMS, Parent of MISD Students)

Patri Collins (IMS)

Lisa Pezzella (IMS)

Joan Wold (‘82, West Mercer, & Parent of Past MISD Student)

Tracy Holt Richardson (‘86, West Mercer & Island Park, Parent of Past MISD Student) 

Tani Lindquist (‘87, Lakeridge)

Kristin Hummel (‘12, Lakeridge)

Lucy Anderson (‘89, Lakeridge, Parent of MISD Students) 

Denise Knopp (Lakeridge)

Angela McCann (Lakeridge)

Ellen Hochberg (West Mercer)

Karen Park (West Mercer)

Katie Gallagher (West Mercer)

Dawn Winters (Lakeridge, Island Park, Parent of MISD Students)

Griffen Jones (Island Park)

Kerida Millison (Island Park)

Zen Morrison (West Mercer)

Kay Walker (West Mercer)

Lisa Bienstock (Lakeridge)

Lisa Thomas (West Mercer)

Suzana Nguyen (Lakeridge)

Denise DiPrima (West Mercer)

Katherine Salem (Island Park)

Michael Aguilera (Lakeridge)

Elizabeth Holland (Lakeridge)

Anne Larson (Island Park) 

Kristina Olafsson (West Mercer)

Tyler Stevens (Lakeridge)

Erin Wilson-Tan (Lakeridge, West Mercer)

Rebecca Reid (Lakeridge)

Katie Knowles (Lakeridge)

Cecilia Kanako Kashima (West Mercer, Northwood, Parent of MISD Students)

Cassandra Wozniak, MS, CCC-SLP (Island Park)

Kelly Flaherty (West Mercer)

Ashlie Selden (Lakeridge)

Valerie Perine (MISD) 

Greta Stednick (‘83, MISD)

Simone Carmel (Special-Education Psychologist) 

Bre Gastaldi (‘05, Former Staff Member at Lakeridge & Island Park)

Lyanne Abe (‘09, Former Staff Member at West Mercer)

Jill Logie (‘76, Former Teacher at Island Park, West Mercer & Parent of Past MISD Student)

Miriam Eve


Parents & Grandparents of Current & Past Students of MISD

Jennifer Malakoff (‘62)

John Gordon Hill (‘70)

Lela Dewan O’Brien (‘73) 

Jeff Condiotty (‘75)

Richard Counihan (‘82)

Jane Reynolds (‘83)

Traci Brandon (‘83)

Carrie Edwards Krause (‘84)

Sheri Davis (‘87)

Lewis Malakoff (‘87)

Tracy Sigmon (‘87)

Laurie Givan (‘89)

Debra (Hafermann) Brandt (‘90)

Terry Virdell (‘90)

Daylin Coats (‘92)

Ron Yeh (‘92)

Kendra Hubbell (‘94)

Andrea Carter (‘94)

Carin Jacobson (‘95)

Hayley Duitch (‘96)

Rachel Weissman (‘96)

Lesley Poole (‘96)

Anne Hill Thomson (‘96)

Cathy Chen (‘01)

Leeching Tran (‘04)

Anne Woodley (Alumni) 

Karin Combs 

Jennifer Mechem

Sava Simbe

Tsering Yuthok Short

Ivy Suzuki-Jaecks

Gretchen Remmers

Melissa Neher

Jaymee Lundin

Patrick Allcorn

Edna Yabes

Alex Yabes

Natalie Garrett

Julie Love

Kate Daly 

Lisa Patacsil

Frances Gaul

Heike Malakoff


Edith Rothenberg

Gillian Peckham

Michelle Feder

Nicole Bartley

Simona Lioy

Alexis Odell

Carolyn Wang

Namita Singh 

Rochelle Given 

Darci Bining

Stephanie Bartley

Robin Moore

Kevin Hockley

Andrea Iverson 

Aurora Bearse

Lisa Fain

Julien Kern

Katerie Schei

Tricia Jaffe

Eric Jaffe

Anna Clark

Paulette Denman

Audur Anna Jonsdottir

Jennifer Cathey-Roberts

Beth Drummond

Debbie Louie

Ghaddra Gonzalez Castillo

Katherine Leong Sutton

Stephanie St. Mary

Elizabeth Evans

Pam Hinnen

Ann Rosato

Lesley Malakoti

Zachary Drummond

Jonathan Kopelovich

Betsy Schanno

Cristina Martínez

Lisa Rosen

Julia Hokanson

Michelle Weber

Jody Kris

Adrianne Van Strander

Catherine Romero

Jodi McCarthy

Lynn Abulhosn

Catheryne Nguyen

Anne Hritzay

Diana Buist

Ky Haverkamp

Theresa Broccoli

Sharon Fischel

Jason Fischel

Tanya Aggar

Matt Butterworth

Maura Velamoor

Nuria Lencina

Mina Velamoor

Ly-Lan McCarthy

Gwen Loosmore

Diane Barrett Tien

Stephen Oberto

Laura Oberto

Beth Sampson

Quyen Dinh

Kate Lamperti

Jennifer Selby

Greg James

Kate Bergman

David Kern

Ryan Shelton

Amalia Starbird

Amita Radhakrishnan

Kelly McCormick

Melissa Boucher

Diana Lein 

Garima Tandon

Natalie Debray

Qipeng Pan

Judy Kimelman

Erica Shimizu

Jon Millard

Candace Friedman

Alice Finch

Reiner Fink

Lucy Williams

Stuart Williams

Erin Gurney

Lisa Vanderspek

Missy Johnson

Marnie Holen

Jackie Tan

Susan Szafir

Peter Ristuben

Michael McCormick

Linda Floyd

Jeffrey Bertram

Heather Feldman

Nola Shenk

Scott Mogil

Denise Mogil

Tana Senn

Miriam Roth

Ginny Pietila

Michelle Funk

The Hendelman Family

Bobbi Chamberlin

Sophie Quinlan

Yaffa Grace



Susan Landon

Maryjane Wheble

Marina Moscovici

Heather Feldman

Kaia Akre

Carrie George

Kathryn Rule

Sheryne Cadicamo 

Jayme Witman

Heather Staples

Nina Tomita Kato 

Simmone Misra

Shauna Youssefnia 

Annabel Rimmer

Sandy Condiotty 

Celia O’Kane 

Dawn Friedland

Morgan Friedland

Kevin Dothager

Ava Chin

Ty Bartley

Anne Wall

Jane Clayton

Mary Patrick 

Peter Weiss 

Michelle Stamnes

Matthew Lane Adleberg

Aisha Jumaan

Heather Libman

Susan Denham

Paul Stamnes

Michael Tierney

Wim Vanderspek 

Bernard Mangold

Sarah Mangold

Maryellen Johnson

Shari Kunovsky 

Joanne Adams

Ian Weiner 

Francyl Gawryn

Marvin Gawryn

Greg Plichta

Scott Staples 

Hilary Benson

Robin Weiss

Barbara Frank

Janaki Mehta

Ron Mitchell

Deb Millard

Maria Schonander

Monica Shih

William E. Blakney

Carolyn Tierney

Liz Callahan

Erin Langan

David Hense

Michelle Cartmel 

Dennis Lee

Sally Loeser

Margie Starnes

Ken Urman

Filip Francke

Glory Francke

Heidi Reiling Arvish

Diana Blakney


Melinda Smith

Zola Kane 

Daniel Kane

Tara Graham

Sharon Nguyen

Katarina Garner 

Tanya Asmus

Jon Millard

Lori Cohen-Sanford

Barbara White Thompson

Katherine Scott 

Catherine Usibelli

LaVeeda Garlington-Mathews 

Louise Hankes

Bill Hankes

Amalia Starbird

Annicka Rosengreen

Nancy Sundberg

Jordan Baer

Maria Bliss

Mira Machlis

Tanya Asmus

Heidi Metz

Janet Goldstein 

Carrie Hall

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