What Quarantine Personality Are You?


Graphic by Lena Hardisty

Sabrina Hubbell, Managing Editor

Are you curious what quarantine personality you are? Take this short quiz to find out!

1. What is your spirit disease?

a) Senioritis

b) E.Coli

c) Corona

d) Herpes

2. What do you wear during quarantine?

a) I haven’t changed in two weeks

b) Business on top, sweats on bottom 

c) Hazmat suit

d) Depends on the day

3. Which is your favorite way to spend the day?

a) Daytime? I pretty much go to sleep at 4am 

b) Cleaning out every closet 


d) Chillin with my friends or walking through the Starbucks drive through 

4. What is your favorite emergency item? 

a) One bath and body works hand sanitizer

b) An ambulance

c) A Clorox wipes container

d) A bottle of vodka

5. Where is the first place you will go once you can leave the house?

a) The mall 

b) Probably school, I need to retake that calc test 

c) I never leave the house anyways so I’ll probably stay here tbh

d) Oops I have already left the house 

6. How much toilet paper do you own?

a) This is an interesting question

b) Probably a normal amount

c) I filled the basement with it

d) Why are you asking me this?

7. How are you feeling right now?


b) Rejuvenated 

c) Stressed

d) Desperate for a hookup 

8. What do you do to de-stress?

a) My phone

b) 5 minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of yoga, reading before bed 

c) Zoom calls with my therapist every day 

d) Darties!

9. On a scale of 1-10 how well have you been social distancing?

a) Not sure, does only getting two likes on my tiktok count? 

b) I am responsible so probably an 8


d) Ok, everyone is making this a big deal and the whole social distancing this is just a suggestion. 

If you answered mostly A’s you are “the one who watches Tik Tok all day”

The one who watches Tik Tok all day is self explanatory. Your screen time average has probably increased by more than 50 percent in the last few weeks. Your sleep schedule is nonexistent and you likely have worn the same Nike sweatpants every day.

If you answered mostly B’s you are “the one who is actually productive” 

You are one of those people who have used coronacation effectively unlike a lot of other students. You’ve probably also started SAT prep or completely re-organized your room. You also have practiced a lot of self care.

If you answered mostly C’s you are “the one who thinks the world is ending”

Your parents probably won’t let you leave the house and you don’t want to either. This whole entire thing is freaking you out. You’re extremely prepared with lots of hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

If you answered mostly D’s you are “the one who believes social distancing rules don’t apply to them”

You probably went to a party the same day school was cancelled because social distancing only applies when it works with your schedule. You’ve been hanging out with your friends a lot and aren’t worried about getting the virus. There’s probably even a picture of you posted on Nextdoor by an angry mom who has spotted you and your friends together.