Mercer Island Water Polo Wins Close Senior Night Game With Five Players Injured


Mercer Island’s goalie attempts to reach for the ball. Photo by Braeden Nett

Braeden Nett, Staff Writer

Mercer Island Water Polo defeated Sammamish/Interlake 18-16 on senior night, despite having five players injured.

Throughout the game both teams failed to achieve a clear point advantage, as neither side managed to secure a firm lead. 

“I feel like there were a lot of offensive moments were our team wasn’t playing that well overall,” junior Lucas Peng said.

Having multiple players injured had a negative impact on the team’s overall performance, making the team’s final home game even more challenging. 

“Our starting goalie was injured, [which] kinda sucks. We also had a lot of JV players injured as well,” Peng said.

Despite the obstacles placed against Mercer Island, the Islanders were able to secure a close victory over their opponents

“I think my defense this game was pretty solid. There were some good moments were I shut down some players and [prevented] them [from doing] what they wanted,” Peng said. 

Since it was senior night and the last home game, the boys celebrated everything the seniors have brought to the team this season.

“Today especially is less about the quality of the game and more about celebrating the seniors,” Peng said. “I think it was an important game for the seniors and just showing our respect and love for them.”