Volleyball Loses Close Match, But Fights Hard


Freshman Leila Obeidat prepares to spike the ball. Photo courtesy Joe Chen.

Honor Warburg and Honor Warburg

Mercer Island Volleyball fought hard against the Bellevue Wolverines, losing a close game Monday night after over two hours of play. 

The rivals battled it out through five sets, with the Islanders winning two and Bellevue taking home the victory with three sets narrowly won. 

“We came out of the bat pretty strong but just fell short in game three and four, it looked like we got pretty tired so we have some conditioning to do,” head coach Samantha Marziello said.

“That was a tough game, we played a really hard game of volleyball,” captain Quinn Casey said.

Junior Brynn Buist-Havercamp’s quick sets to freshman Leila Obeidat won key points though all five sets, electrifying the crowd. On defense, Quinn Casey and Annika Iverson proved an impenetrable wall, blocking Bellevue’s best. 

Also noteworthy on defense, the reliable passing of Natalie Chen and Zoe Byers set up Mercer Island’s offense to consistently send the ball back to Bellevue. 

Chen dives for the ball in a dramatic save. Photo courtesy Joe Chen.

“Our defense is really working hard and they are doing a great job,” Casey said.

The next face off between these teams is Oct. 30. 

“I was thrilled with the overall work from my players. They implemented a lot of the stuff we have been practicing and that’s all I can ask for as a coach,” Marziello said.

“We work well as a team and we are really bonding as a team,” Casey said. “We talk well on the court.”

“We’re going to get Bellevue at their home,” Marziello said.