Freshman Ethan Evans Wins Golf State Tournament

Evans (fourth from left) accepts his trophy alongside his team and coach. Photo courtesy Ethan Evans.

May 22 freshman Ethan Evans placed first in the 3A Boys Golf state tournament, supported by his team that placed third overall.

“Winning state as a freshman is an amazing accomplishment” Evans said.

With his win, Evans joins an elite group of Washington state golfers who have won the state tournament as freshmen, including Pro Golf Hall of Famer Fred Couples.

Evans has excelled in golf since a young age.

“My dad saw some natural talent when I first picked up a club,” Evans said. “I later started lessons and began competing in tournaments.”

Evans clearly has a passion for the game.

“The thing I love most about golf is how the person who is the most mentally tough always comes out on top, no matter his or her talent,” Evans said.

While Evans is thrilled about his success, he clearly is more excited to a part of an incredible team.

“Spending time with the team, and being part of a great group of guys, not to mention our solid top three finish, was really great,” Evans said.