25 Women Call Out 25 Alabama Senators


May 12, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a law restricting most abortion in the state, including cases of rape and incest. A picture of the 25 white, male senators who voted for the bill surfaced on social media that same week. 

Copy Editor Annika Bhananker, Managing Editor Isabel Funk, Online Editor-in-Chief Ellie Gottesman, and A&E Editor Annie Poole found 25 women at MIHS that are passionate advocates for a woman’s right to choose.



“It is horrible. They have no right to make that decision for women. These senators do not know the circumstances.” – Kaya Jaecks, sophomore

“The whole thing is ridiculous. I think that they don’t know their facts whatsoever. Stay out of my uterus.” – Ellie Gelsey, sophomore

“It is pretty simple. Banning abortion is a violation of human rights.” – Mia Thiagarajan, junior

“I think that it is dangerous because it is ridding women of choice. Every time that rights are taken away — and I think abortion is a right as well — there are going to be consequences.” – Meghana Kakubal, junior

“I think it is absolutely heart-breaking. No one has the right over someone else’s body in life.” – Anantika Mannby, freshman

“It makes me mad. Those white men who voted for the law will always be able to walk away, while women are left in a horrible situation.” – Lucy Whitney, junior

“As an individual I feel that as women there is an emphasis on living our truth, understanding what our rights are and being in positions where we can self-advocate.” – Susan Sutherin, counselor

“I don’t think the choice to have an abortion is ever an easy one, as there are countless personal reasons why a woman would have one. Ultimately, we need to consider women’s health and ensure women’s rights are protected.” – Laura Totten, photography teacher

“My professional and personal opinion is that abortion is a personal decision between a woman and her healthcare professional. A politician should never be part of it.” – Shelley Sage, school nurse

“In relation to the most recent Alabama and Georgia laws, I think that we are going back in time. We need to stand united as a country against these bans.” – Libby Egan, senior

“I think the fact that we are impeding women’s reproductive rights in our own country is a devastating statement on where our society is moving. Women’s reproductive rights are essential to forming a place where families are planned and purposeful.” – Emily Yang, sophomore

“I think the bans are about control. I don’t think these senators care about a life. They just want to control women’s bodies.” – Elsa Lancot, sophomore

“I think that women should be able to choose for themselves what to do with their own body.” – Alexa Glasser, junior

“I don’t like it because all of the men who voted on it are white men and there really was no voting diversity.” – Norah Evans, sophomore

“I feel as if women’s rights are going backwards in time. All the progress that has been made is being undermined by the passage of these laws.” – Chloe Mark, senior

“I think that it is unfair for people that do not represent us to make laws about women’s bodies when it does not affect them.” – Emily Kovarik, senior

“I felt betrayed by the patriarchy that has shaped unfair societal gender norms. I think that telling anyone, no matter their gender or race, what they can and cannot do with their body is unconstitutional at heart.” – Gracie Burke, junior

“I feel as though it is a shame in 2019 that a woman has less rights than what a society should deem humane. It is also outrageous that these bans were decided by a bunch of men that do not know anything about the female body. I am pissed.” – Stirling Yeadon, senior

“I think that is unfortunate that people do not fully consider the impacts that a decision like this can have on a woman’s safety.” – Hailey Vandenbosch, junior

“It is just ridiculous that old, white men think that they can make decisions about women’s bodies.” – Hannah Derakshani, senior

“Personally I do not feel that men should be making decisions about women’s bodies.” – Beatrice Lee, junior

“Women should have a say in the laws that affect women’s bodies.” – Katelyn Travis, senior

“This bill is not anti-abortion. It’s anti-women.” – Tallulah Booth, senior

“It makes me want to say a bunch of swear words.” – Libby Hetzel, senior

“If you do not have autonomy over your own body, what do you really control?” – Lili Szafir, sophomore

“I do not think it is anyone else’s choice to dictate what a woman does with her body.” – Eden Voss, sophomore