Gymnastics Scores High in Second Meet of the Season


Sabrina Hubbell and Sabrina Hubbell

The team gathers in a circle before the meet to foster team spirit. Photo by Sabrina Hubbell.

The Varsity MIGGS team competed in a captivating double dual meet against Redmond this evening.

Mercer Island High School hosted all 4A teams: the Issaquah Eagles, North Creek Jaguars and Redmond Mustangs.

MIHS was the only 3A team and ended up in second place with an overall score of 157.9. North Creek won, earning 176.2 points. Redmond secured third place with 111.6 points and Issaquah lost with 54.3.

157.9 surpasses all MIHS team scores from the 2017-2018 season.