Editorial Board


Ethan Preston


Ethan is a senior at MIHS, and he has been a member of journalism since freshman year. Previously, he was the Business Manager and Sports Editor. In his free time, he enjoys music, politics and watching sports.

“In the four years I’ve spent in journalism, I’ve found a wonderful community and family, and the people that I’ve worked with have motivated me to become a better person. Never did I think that I would make so many incredible memories with so many incredible people.”

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Annika Bhananker


Annika is a senior at MIHS, and has been a proud member of journalism since freshman year–as Copy Editor, Features Editor and now Editor-in-Chief. When she’s not visibly stressed in front of the Editorial Staff on Zoom or editing out Oxford commas, Annika puts her energy into baking (and eating) crazy things, social justice issues, being outdoors with friends and trying to get her dog to go for a walk (he’s strangely opposed to walking).

“Deciding to take journalism is easily the best decision I’ve made in high school. I’ve learned more than I ever imagined from both the class and, more importantly, the people. I’ve discovered an interest in writing and random AP Style facts as well as a love of listening to others’ stories. I’m forever thankful for journalism for helping me not only find my voice but develop the confidence to use it.”


Sabrina Hubbell

Managing Editor

Sabrina is a Senior and has been on The Islander’s staff since she was a sophomore. This year, she is the Managing Editor for the paper. Sabrina has a passion for mental health awareness and education. She plans on studying psychology or criminology next year. Outside of school, Sabrina enjoys spending time with her family and walking her dog. 

“The only thing I don’t like about journ is that nobody keeps the room organized.”


Max Hense

Opinions Editor

Max is a junior at MIHS. She’s been on the staff for three years, and this is her first year as the Opinions Editor. Outside of journalism, she likes to travel, try new recipes, and spend time with family. She is passionate about volunteer work and creative writing. 

“When I signed up for Journalism, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. The community I’ve found has been amazing, and I’m so excited for another year.”

Sandra Pedersen

A&E Editor

Sandra is a junior at MIHS, she has worked on The Islander staff since freshman year, first as a staff writer and now as A&E Editor. Outside of journalism, she loves road trips, swimming, and reading literally anything. She is passionate about social justice issues and during summers, she enjoys studying in Denmark.

“Signing up for Journalism was like discovering a whole new part of MIHS. I had no idea what I was getting into or how significantly this class would change me. Joining journ, I found a place where I could amplify my voice (and others), explore my passion for writing, and meet a community of some of the funniest people I’ve met. I love being able to learn about people’s story, challenging controversy, and making a statement.”

Lena Hardisty

Spread and Design Lead

Lena is a junior at MIHS. This is their third year on the MIHS Islander staff, served as Cartoonist for one year, and is currently serving as Spread and Design Lead. Outside of journalism, they enjoy digital art, creative writing, and listening to indie rock. 

“Journalism is the place where my angry ranting is actually appreciated, which is a nice change.”


Alex Levin

Sports Editor

Alex is a junior at MIHS. This will be his third year on the MIHS Islander staff and his first as the Sports Editor. When Alex is not writing articles, you can find him running, playing saxophone, or passionately talking about football. 

“In the past few years, Journalism has taught me about writing, about my community, and most importantly, about myself. I don’t know where I’d be today without The Islander.”


Morgan Dawson

Features Editor

Morgan is a junior at MIHS. She served as a staff writer her first year and is now the Features editor. She is a part of the Mercer Island Drill Team and enjoys dance, fashion, and creative writing outside of school. 

“When I first joined Journalism, I never could have imagined the impact that it would have on my high school experience. Through this program, I have gotten the opportunity to meet and interview so many interesting people and it has been such a privilege to hear and share their stories. This class has pushed me to look at the world through a new lens and has provided me a community within the school. I am so excited to be the Features editor and am looking forward to all of the interesting stories that this year is bound to yield!”


Hannah Howison

Back Team Editor

Hannah is a sophomore. She has been in Journalism since her freshman year and has a big passion for writing. This year, she is an editor for the back page of The Islander. Outside of school, Hannah likes to ride horses, play video games, and watch youtube. 

“Journalism is a group of wonderful people and I’m so happy that I get to help make an amazing paper with amazing people.”


Braeden Nett

Back Team Editor

Braeden is a sophomore at MIHS. This is his second year as a staff member of The Islander, and his first year as a back page editor.  Outside of journalism, Braeden enjoys playing grand strategy games, discussing economics, and mocking horrible takes on politics. 

“When I signed up for journalism I thought the class was just another easy elective, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I would be expected to contribute to society by sharing my voice. If there’s one thing journalism has taught me it’s the ability to share your voice in a world full of ignorant, hyperbolic and irrational people.”


Brooks Kahsai

Back Team Editor and Photo Editor

Brooks is a sophomore at MIHS. This is his second year on the MIHS Islander staff, and his first year as the newspaper’s photo editor and one of the back team editors. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games with his friends, spending quality time with his family, and keeping up with major human rights and environmental movements.

“In my freshman year, I found a community of students like myself, students I’ve quickly come to consider my friends, who want to use their voices to make a difference in the community. I hope that, in my short time here, I have already succeeded in making a positive impact on the students of MI with my writing, but that won’t stop me from trying to reach that goal everyday I’m in journalism.”


Honor Warburg

Social Media Team

Honor is a Sophomore and in her second year of Journalism. This year Honor is on the Social Media Team. Outside of journalism, she is a Coxswain and she loves to spend time outside and be involved in social and political issues. She has a blog and Instagram titled HonorThisEarth where she continues her love for writing and speaking up on topics important to her.

“Joining Journalism my freshman year was the best decision I could have made. Instantly I was included in an incredible group of people who are smart, kind and dedicated to their work. I have loved getting to know so many interesting people that share my new found love for journalism!”


Mia LoBosco

Social Media Team

Mia is a sophomore at MIHS. This is her second year working for the Islander. She served as a staff writer last year and now she is on the social media team. Outside of journalism, she enjoys dancing, going for walks, and hanging out with her dog Bailey. 

“I had no idea what journalism was going to be like when I signed up for it freshman year. Journalism has given me a place to share my ideas and write articles about what I am interested in. I am so glad to be a part of this community.”

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Chris Twombley


Twombley has been teaching English at MIHS for 22 years and has served as The Islander’s adviser for the last five. Outside the classroom, Twombley enjoys travel, exploring nature, going to concerts and spending time with his family and friends.

I’ve had the privilege to do some cool things in my teaching career, but one of the coolest is helping my students find their voices.

Staff Writers

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Charlotte Wood, Nathaniel Johnson, Riley Pettigrew, Gabrielle April, Taylor Holshouser, Sebastian Matthews, Ben Price, Kat Marsh, Kate Grove, Aiden Barham, Sophie Prock, Simone Clark, Jared Marcus, Sam Pelter, Karina McSwiney, Leo Berkley, Liv Talerman, Asha Woerner