Summer in Seattle

Countless broken heat records and weeks of sun indicate that this summer will be a warm one. However, Seattle summers always include cooler days. It is difficult to keep up with the constantly varying weather, and even harder to plan activities that match the current climate. This comprehensive guide of summer activities takes into account all types of Seattle weather, whether it is a cloudless, … Continue reading Summer in Seattle

Food for your feed

MIHS students with an interest in culinary culture are creating Instagram accounts as a portal to share their scrumptious experiences. The students post pictures of a wide variety of foods, both home-baked and restaurant-bought. Senior Miji Suhr’s inspiring foodstagram, @fatty5ever, features pictures of both sweet and savory dishes like sushi, pizza, pasta, and dessert. 168 foodies follow the account and each picture averages 35 likes. … Continue reading Food for your feed