Inclusion Motto Demands Honest Conversation

By Nico Galvin

Inclusion is perhaps the buzzword of the year at MIHS. The improvement of inclusion is a key part of the School Improvement Plan, and, though it isn’t officially a part of the motto yet, the school is seriously considering adding “inclusion” to the other three I’s. But is the school doing enough to add the word as a legitimate part of our values?

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Inclusion Must Apply to Conservative Opinions, Too

By Natalie Chen

Most MIHS students are not shy about sharing their opinions, whether they are debating school traditions, BRIDGES or politics. However, while many students fearlessly share their opinions and enjoy the support of their classmates, students with more conservative views often feel uncomfortable sharing their views.

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Why Was There a Hate Symbol at Homecoming?

By Lena Hardisty

At this year’s Homecoming dance, two students arrived bearing a 3 feet by 5 feet Japanese imperial flag on an 8 foot pole. The students were dressed in replica Japanese military uniforms and walked around the gym posing for photos with other MIHS students. MIHS staff were present at the dance to monitor students, but the flag-bearing students were allowed to enter and leave without question.

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