Spreading gender pronoun awareness in the classroom

If teachers aim to foster an inclusive classroom for everyone, ignoring or assuming preferred personal pronouns makes teachers unable to attain an essential objective to the educational process. Gender non-binary students are often overlooked in the classroom. Assuming gender pronouns based on appearances can cause students to feel disrespected, dismissed, and alienated. “It’s so invalidating, it’s like who you are doesn’t matter. Every time someone … Continue reading Spreading gender pronoun awareness in the classroom

The flaws of ASB elections

Brightly colored cardstock posters cover the walls of the Mercer Island High School. Students chatter with one another, plucking lollipops off posters proclaiming, “don’t be a dum-dum, vote for Lily Gile!” Outside and after school, students running for leadership positions record humorous videos, packing in as many jokes as possible. Associate Student Body (ASB) elections have begun. Continue reading “The flaws of ASB elections”

The advantages of an international university experience

As every upperclassman knows, the first step of the college process is to create a list of schools that best suit one’s needs. Students at MIHS often do this with the help of Naviance’s “SuperMatch College Search” tool, introduced to them by counselors who visit their classrooms junior year. The tool uses an overwhelming amount of categories to narrow the search for a student’s “best­fit” … Continue reading The advantages of an international university experience

Donald Trump: Not Our President

Since Election Day, large-scale protests have occurred on a seemingly daily basis in cities across the country, full of people speaking out against President-elect Trump’s many faults.  While the right to protest is one deeply rooted in American tradition, many conservatives and Trump supporters appear to believe that these protesters shouldn’t be out on the streets. Continue reading “Donald Trump: Not Our President”